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  1. Ok, here is the simple answer - it appears that IE and Chrome expect a \n character after the last output of your XML, so make sure this is in there. Firefox doesn't care either way. BTW for those folks having similar errors - I ended up finding this our by writing the output to a file and using diff from linux command linebetween the two files - it faithfully reported the lack of a newline. When I had copied and pasted the output into a local file the editor i pasted it in must have created a trailing \n when pasted which is why the flat xml file I referenced above worked and not the straight PHP output. Cheers, R
  2. Greetings, I've been testing writing code with you Fusioncharts library and I'm running into a problem whereby I'm generating XML output using PHP and calling the PHP file via fusionchart Javascript call setXMLUrl. The chart displays fine in Firefox, but in IE9 or Chrome, the chart simply shows "Error in Loading Data" in IE9 and "Invalid Data" in Chrome. The code I'm using to create the chart is: var skuArr= id.split("_"); var strURL = "./usa_npalerts.php?id=graph&sku=" + skuArr[0]; var timestamp = Math.round(new Date().getTime() / 1000); strURL = strURL + "&token=" + timestamp; strURL = escape(strURL); FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); FusionCharts.debugMode.enabled(true); FusionCharts.debugMode.outputTo(console.log); FusionCharts.debugMode.outputFormat('verbose'); //FusionCharts.debugMode._enableFirebugLite(); if( FusionCharts( "Sales" ) ) FusionCharts( "Sales" ).dispose(); var chartObj = new FusionCharts("../FusionChartsXT/Charts/Line.swf","Sales","442","380","0","1"); //strURL="test.xml"; chartObj.setXMLUrl(strURL); A couple more pieces of info: The site is using SSL, however I have already elimintated the pragma headers as described numerous times on these forums. If I save the XML output of the PHP file to an xml file on the server and call it the xml file directly, the chart displays in IE and Chrome and Firefox. If I try to debug the issue in IE9 - I get the following error which is cryptic: In Chrome, I get yet another error: The raw xml that the PHP file generates is below and will render fine, but when calling PHP file directly, I get an error in IE and Chrome: <chart bgAlpha='0' useRoundedEdges='1' showBorder='0' bgcolor='000000' caption='Weekly Unit Sales - 533829' xAxisName='Week Ending' yAxisName='Sales' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0'> <set showValue='1' name='21' value='1737' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-21' /> <set showValue='0' name='22' value='1834' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-22' /> <set showValue='0' name='23' value='1995' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-23' /> <set showValue='0' name='24' value='2229' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-24' /> <set showValue='1' name='25' value='2016' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-25' /> <set showValue='0' name='26' value='1988' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-26' /> <set showValue='0' name='27' value='2160' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-27' /> <set showValue='0' name='28' value='1349' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-28' /> <set showValue='1' name='29' value='1817' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-29' /> <set showValue='0' name='30' value='2022' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-30' /> <set showValue='0' name='31' value='2136' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-31' /> <set showValue='0' name='32' value='1276' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-32' /> <set showValue='1' name='33' value='1646' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-33' /> <set showValue='0' name='34' value='1771' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-34' /> <set showValue='0' name='35' value='1128' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-35' /> <set showValue='0' name='36' value='1596' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-36' /> <set showValue='1' name='37' value='1093' color='AFD8F8' link='j-LimitNPMap-37' /> <trendLines> <line isTrendZone='1' alpha='20' startValue='1737' endValue='1093' color='FF0000' displayValue='Average'></line> </trendLines> </chart> I'm guessing there must be some leading or trailing garbage that is messing up the auto-generated php, but unfortunately I can't use Firebug because it works fine in Firefox! Any help would be appreciated! R