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  1. Export Chart To Stream

    Hi again, Is it possible to do this without using javascript? Can i get this image generated from the server? Regards, Tore Gjerdrum
  2. Export Chart To Stream

    Do you have any example code for this? Regards, Tore Gjerdrum
  3. Export Chart To Stream

    Hi, that actually helps a lot! Is there a way to get the stream back instead of saving the actual image? Regards, Tore Gjerdrum
  4. Export Chart To Stream

    Hi, thanks again for your answer. If i do it like explained in the article, where is the image stored? On the local file system? Regards Tore Gjerdrum
  5. Export Chart To Stream

    Hi, Thanks for your answer. I am not sure how I do this. Do I only use javascript and not the FCExporter.aspx? Do you have some more code or an example I can look at? Regards Tore Gjerdrum
  6. Export Chart To Stream

    Hi, I have gotten the FCExporter.aspx up and running and it works fine using the right click menu in the chart. But I want to trigger an export from my code so I can use the image in an PDF that create on the fly. Is this possible? The best way is to get the chart exported as a stream so I do not need to save it on the server. If this is not possible I can save the image on disk and fetch it from there. Can anyone guide me in the right direction to get this done? Regards Tore Gjerdrum