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  1. Hi I want to render chart by calling webservice. Can some tell me how to do this. For Example: string strDataURL; strDataURL = "BankChartData.aspx?AccID=" + id; string chart = InfoSoftGlobal.FusionChart.RenderChart("../FusionCharts/FCF_Line.swf", strDataURL, "", "chart" + id.ToString(), "650", "450", false, false); Here i want to pass my webservice method instead of strDataURL.
  2. Hi Sudipto, I have done it. I was using the same logic but on aspx page i was unable to pass the accountid to the creatchart function, which is binded to datalist. Now i have another problem it disturbed my page theme. Actually my pages contained in master page. So now i have to find how to use use webservice to retrieve charts data. Please send me your thoughts on this. Thanx for being with me
  3. Hi, I want to load charts at one instance. As i am loading multiple accounts records in a datalist for example i have ten accounts records in the datalist and i want to display chart for each account at one instane base on the accountid. Because this will differentiate charts for different accounts. By the way thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Hi, I am loading records from database and i want to display chart for each record. i.e. My datalist returns me accounts from database. Each account has transactions i want to display chart for each account transaction. I mean i want to load charts on the page by each account id. just put one instance of chart and dynamically generate for each account. send accountid to chart and display it on the page infront of that account. I am using C# and ASP.NET