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  1. The fusionchart demo that was downloaded from http://www.igcomm.com/Downloads/Blueprints/FusionCharts_CF.zip does not seem to work properly. I set this up locally using access database. The first error encountered was Year is a reserve word which I've corrected it. After reloading the, the first 2 graphs "Yearly Sales Comparison" and "Top 5 Employees for 1996" rendered correctly. However, the 3rd chart "Sales by category" give error message "Invalid XML data.". Clicking on the "Yearly Sales Comparison" bar should reload the "Sales by Category", but instead it returns "Please wait for the chart to load". I was working on the drill down charts using similar format as in the example at home, it works perfectly because my browsers were IE7 and Firefox 2.0+. However, when I uploaded to server at work using IE6 and Firefox 1.5+, I get the same error as in the example above. I am trying to get this to work so I can demo to my boss to see if whether they are willing buy the product or not. Please help. Thanks! -Viet