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  1. Change Print Dialog

    Thanks for answer and sorry for delay. What I'd like to do is to change the message, which is actually Print Chart, to other message, such as Click here to print chart. Is that possible?
  2. Change Print Dialog

    Hi to all. Is there a way to change the default print dialog when we right click a chart? I'd like to change to my language, brazillian portuguese. I did not find this information anywhere... Thanks for any answer.
  3. Problems With Gantt Chart And Fusioncharts.printmanager

    Ok, I hope this update comes as soon as possible. ;-) Thanks anyway.
  4. Hi to all. I'm using fusion widgets evaluation - we will bought full version soon. I'm having trouble trying to print using FusionCharts.printManager. I've followed a lot of examples (wich one is this ) but none of them gave me the help I need. My problem is: nothing happens when I invoke FusionChartsEvents.PrintReadyStateChange, in FusionCharts.addEventListener. Since our users are very newbies, this is a crucial function that has to be working. I've attached the result html to see what's happening with me (if the trouble is between keyboard and chair or not...). I've tested with IE 8, Chrome and Firefox 3 and 4 and I got always the same result, nothing... Since now I thank for any answer. :-) gantt_example.html