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  1. Export Started Event

    Anything about the subject?
  2. Export Started Event

    I am using server side export and trying to handle the problem that if a Flash chart or map is out of the view it doesn't start exporting until the page has been scrolled to the part where the flash component is. is there any event that fires after the export has started (i.e. when the progress bar is at least at 10%)? Thanks in advance
  3. FCTime variable

    Any news?
  4. Set Caption/subcaption Position For Charts

    Thank you, this way however the caption is aligned to the top left corner of the canvas: can the caption of the chart be aligned to the top left corner of the whole component instead (i.e. the top left corner of the flash object)?
  5. Grid Caption

    Would it be possible to ask for a customisation that allows this?
  6. Donwload Links For Older Versions

    would you provide them to users with a paid subscription to support?
  7. Grid Caption

    Hi. Is it possible to set a caption for the grid component?
  8. Hi. Is there a "captionPosition" attribute for the charts (in particular column2d) to set the caption to be positioned in the top left corner?
  9. Batch Export Component Error 10902041939

    any thought about this?
  10. as reported in this thread: http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/13658-batch-export-component-error-10902041939/ I have a doubt that the most recent update of fusioncharts has problems. Is there a way to get he previouse releases (e.g.: the one released in february or something like that)? Thanks
  11. Batch Export Component Error 10902041939

    Please note that this could be a bug in your latest release, because with an older version of the FCExporter.swf the problem is not occurring
  12. according to the documentation, if in debug mode of the batchexportcomponent you get an error code 10902041939, it means that "FCExporter.swf did not convey a valid "id" to the FusionChartsExportObject". Now, what could possibily generrate this error? I have added the following properties to the xmls: exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="1" exportHandler="fcBatchExporter" I have instantiated the batch export component using: var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcBatchExporter", "/swf/FCExporter.swf"); The swf exporter component correctly appears but when I open the page in the browser I get this 10902041939 error, with the message "Export component missing or authentication failure.": what did I do wrong?
  13. FCTime variable

  14. FCTime variable

    Is this now configurable?
  15. Mixed Batch Export

    Question: in case I have maps and charts in the same page, which version of the FCExporter.swf should I use the one bundled with FusionMaps or the on bundled with FusionCharts? (They have the same date but the size is different) Same question for the javascript files responsible of the export: should I use FusionChartsExportComponent.js or FusionMapsExportComponent.js?