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  1. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    Pallav, I was not using the context menu. In Safari that seems to work (I'll try Firefox later), but that doesn't solve the problem of printing my entire page. The output of my website is the printed product. FusionCharts doesn't print properly for 20% the people that visit, and excludes Macintosh owners entirely. Scott
  2. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    I've updated my site to V3.0.3, but printing is STILL BROKEN. I see no change in the behaviour of the charts from the previous version. I copied the new .swf files, FusionCharts.js and FusionCharts.php. I don't believe there are any other files involved, so if printing was fixed, I should see it. In debug mode, the charts report that they are V3.0.3
  3. Oops, It was Window's need for backslash characters in path names, vs. *nix forward slashes. All is well.
  4. I'm trying to serve a FusionCharts based site from my local Win2K computer using xampp (Apache 2, PHP4/5) and I think the .SWF files are not being streamed out. My PHP stuff is working, but all I see where the chart should be is "Chart." I see no evidence that the .SWF file has been loaded. There is a mention in the documentation of making sure that the server is configured to stream MIME types of SWF. Do you know where I might look to make sure that's working? Thanks, Scott
  5. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    Thanks Pallav, I'll look forward to the next release! Scott
  6. Latest Version? and " showFCMenuItem='0' "

    I did re-download from the "/PUC" page. The site did not indicate that any updates were available, and the "Last Modified" date on the .swf files is "12/27/06", which is not as current as your website indicates for the lastest "version" of version 3.0.2 Your webpage... ...indicates three release dates for 3.0.2, 12/22/06, 12/29/06 and 1/9/07. I would expect the revision number to change with each new release. I can find no place in the downloaded files that indicates the revision level of the download. I suggest you put the version number of the download in a readme file, along with a list of changes from the previous version. And even if I could find a revision indication in the download, it seems it would be useless, as there may be three versions of 3.0.2
  7. I'm trying to suppress the FusionChart link in the Flash popup menu, and it's not working. According to the revision history (which shows 3.02 as being released both on Dec 27 and again on Jan 9) this should work. I've added . " showFCMenuItem='0' " to the element. The charts print as always, and the FusionChart link is still in the right click pop-up menu. I've logged in to download the latest version of the charts, and get only the Dec 27 versions of all the files. Is there really a Jan 9 release?
  8. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    Printing is also broken in Netscape (Windows) and Opera (Windows and Mac). Print Preview shows nothing on Windows machines, and actual printing displays the same chart cropping as in Safari and Firefox. It seems the only browser than can print charts correctly is IE for the PC. That leaves 20% of my site's visitors unable to print the charts I draw.
  9. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    Yes, though obviously only the chart prints, not the rest of my page. But nevertheless, the chart is being drawn too large for its bounding rectangle.
  10. I tried uploading a jpeg to show the problem, but that didn't work, so I've provided a link to files showing the problem here: On screen in Safari and Firefox (Mac and Windows), the right and bottom edges of the chart are cropped off: Safari prints as shown in the browser. Firefox on the Mac does not show the chart in "Print Preview" and does NOT print the chart at all. Firefox on Windows does not show the chart in "Print Preview" but does seem to print the chart (cropped), as shown here: IE seems to print correctly. Is this some kind of configuration issue? It's a show-stopper for my application, as the "output" of my website is the printed chart. Regards, Scott
  11. Charts printing

    Here's a screen capture of a chart on a webpage via Safari, and the resulting print preview.
  12. Charts printing

    I am also unable to print charts correctly in anything but IE 7. I've tried Firefox (PC and Mac) and Safari (Mac). In all cases, the chart prints larger than on the screen, and is cropped (on the bottom and right) to the specified chart size.
  13. Data Protection

    Is there a way to hide or obfuscate the XML data sent down to the browser? I have a client who would like to protect the data being charted. Right now a saavy individual could "View Source" and extract all the data from the chart.
  14. I'm using the dataXML method. Why would that make a difference?
  15. Okay, so the code / code thing doesn't work (or at least not as I expected). So here's the offending line with the brackets removed: set value='1.8' toolText='11.2s, <br>1.8MPH, 3526.0RPM, 95.3%25'