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  1. Hi, Thanks for your fast response. Having in mind what you told me, I decided to give a closer look at those Gantt functions just for curiosity and they seemed to me that they should work. So I write a small test loading data from a DB and, SURPRISE, THEY DO WORK FINE !!!. Of course, this functions are not as easy to use like, for example, "addDatasetsFromDatabase" and you have to do some tricks specially when loading from DB but the important thing is that I was able to use them untouched. I realize that part of this complexity could be due to the particular nature of the Gantt charts against the other types. Any way, I will be waiting for any notice from your developers. For the record, I'm using FusionCharts Free v2.2 released on Aug 2009 Kind regards
  2. Hi, I tried the decimalPrecision parameter and, as you told me, it worked fine with small numbers. Even more, there was no need to useN umDivLines, yAxisMaxValue and yAxisMinValue. Thanks a lot I have another question: I saw that in FusionCharts_Gen.php exists some functions to handle Gantt charts. Do they work even if it says that is for future use?. In case not, what arrangements do I need to make to make them work? Kind regards
  3. As you can see in the attachments on my last post, I've noticed that when the values to be graphicated are bigger (i.e. 10 instead of 1), the y axis is correctly displayed even when some zeroes are present. To test this, I altered the DB resultset to ilustrate this behavior but I can't do this with the real data niether depend on the data itself to get the right graphic or not.
  4. But, as I understand, those names are automatically generated by the PHP Class, isn't it? Does the zero values has something to do with the error?
  5. Hi Rajroop, I tried like you said but the problem still there. This is the JS generated : <div id="MSColumn2D8Div"> Chart.</div> <script type="text/javascript" > var chart_MSColumn2D8 = new FusionCharts("fusioncharts/Charts/FCF_MSColumn2D.swf?ChartNoDataText=No hay datos para graficar&PBarLoadingText=Por favor espere. Cargando datos...", "MSColumn2D8", "640", "480", "0", "0", "","noScale","EN"); chart_MSColumn2D8.setTransparent("true"); //Provide entire XML data using dataXML method chart_MSColumn2D8.setDataXML("<graph caption='Estatus de eventos' subCaption='Por ejecutivo' xAxisName='Ejecutivos' yAxisName='Nº de eventos' showBorder='1' showNames='1' formatNumberScale='0' decimalPrecision='0' showValues='0' bgAlpha='50' canvasBgAlpha='30' numDivLines='4' showDivLinesValues='1' decimals='1' ><categories ><category name='Elizabeth Torres López' /><category name='Fernando Reyes' /><category name='Gabriela Guerra' /><category name='Vanessa Campuzano' /></categories><dataset seriesName='Diseño de propuesta' color='AFD8F8' ><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Negociación' color='F6BD0F' ><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Presentación de propuesta' color='8BBA00' ><set value='1' /><set value='2' /><set value='0' /><set value='1' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Primer acercamiento' color='FF8E46' ><set value='0' /><set value='1' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /></dataset></graph>"); chart_MSColumn2D8.render("MSColumn2D8Div");</script>
  6. Hi, I have the same problem with duplicated y axis labels using Bar2D, Column2D and Column3D charts. I've already tried your suggestions but the result is the same (see the attachment). However, using the stacked types with the same data, the graph displays correctly. I'm loading the data using PHP Class with the addDatasetsFromDatabase method. This is the recordset I get from the DB: Thanks in advance