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  1. Regarding The Operations For The Submit Chart

    Thanks for the Reply...... Can I how to do it for the JSON object as I am populating the data using the JSON object.... I mean any example link can u share what you shared for me for the XML modifications... Thanks in Advance....
  2. Hi , I want to know how to do the operations once the chart is submitted . I mean after adding some data once the chart is displayed and then we click on the Submit button which is provide at the bottom right corner.... Thanks in Advance........
  3. Hi , I am doing my Drag Node chart. When I am Drawing that chart because of huge number of nodes (around 500 to 1000) I need to write a algorithm for the allocating the x,y co-ordinates for the nodes . Is there any option for populating the nodes dynamically in the Drag Node Chart. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Scrollbar For The Dragnode Chart

    Thanks for the reply. But in one of the forums you said that you are supporting upto 200 nodes. If I place a 100 nodes itself the chart needs an Scroll na...... Please suggest me.....
  5. Scrollbar For The Dragnode Chart

    Hi, I am trying to draw a Network diagram using the Drag Node Chart. When I am using the drag node chart I am unable have the scroll if there are more number of nodes.......... I am doing this chart using the JSON object. Can I have some solution for having the Scroll in the Drag Node. Please help me, it will be very useful for me. Please find the image for the Reference..... Please let me know if any input is required from my end. Thanks in advance.