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  1. yeah,the issue has been solved. I try to use JSTL <c:forEach> tag instead of <s:iterator> to display multiple charts in JSP. Code: <c:forEach items="${commonList}" var="chartdb" varStatus="status"> <div class="dashboardtitle" style="margin-top:4px;">${chartdb.title}</div> <fc:render swfFilename="${chartdb.swfFilename}" chartId="${chartdb.chartId}" height="${chartdb.width}" width="${chartdb.height}" xmlData="${chartdb.xmlData}"> </fc:render> </c:forEach>
  2. Hi All, I'm Cherry,has studied fusionchart for 2 days.Now i have a issue need a hand According to customer's requirement, i need to display multiple charts in JSP including Pie3D,Column,StackedColumn and so on. Because our product developed with Struts2-Spring-Hibernate, so now i wrap a list<ChartBean> in action and i want to iterator the list combine the fursionchart tag <fc:render> to display all charts i wrapped in JSP. But I found that <fc:render> as if not support struts2 tags,such as <s:property value=""/> Here are some code in JSP,commonList wrap some ChartBean object,ChartBean contains title,swfFilename,chartId,xmlData and so on properties. <s:iterator value="#request.commonList" status="status"> <div class="dashboardtitle" style="margin-top:4px;"><s:property value="title"/></div> <fc:render swfFilename='<s:property value="swfFilename"/>' chartId='<s:property value="chartId"/>' height="500" width="300" xmlData='<s:property value="xmlData"/>'></fc:render> </s:iterator> The property value of title can be displayed correctly but others in tag <fc:render> can't Could you tell me a available method to display multiple charts in JSP? Thanks in advance!