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  1. Fusioncharts And Birt

    Thanks Angie, You don't know of any support for open source BIRT then (formal or informal)? Birt designer pro is not feasible at present.
  2. Hi All, I have recently been looking at FusionCharts Free (so far) and have been very impressed with what it can do! I've managed to get the charts to display in BIRT 2.3.2. using the javascript embedding method. Thats great, however there are 40 or so reports that need to be converted (should I continue with FusionCharts rather than staying with purely BIRT charts) and each report contains more than one Chart. Also, new reports are being designed all the time. As you can imagine a lack of a GUI has a significant impact on productivity and is the sole reason I haven't switched yet. I am aware that FusionCharts v3.0 is supported in Birt designer pro and birt 360, but for various reasons these tools are not feasible in the company. Which leads me to my question, is there a plugin (or some way) which would enable me to devlop FusionCharts in open source birt (2.3.2 or 2.6)? Buying a FusionCharts v3.0 license if need be is not a problem. BR, _ray.