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  1. Issue With Pie2D

    Is it possible to display slice in ascending order ?As there are several datas as 1,853,938,414 780,358,287 431,348,613 254,158,147 213,568,529 133,426,923 . when using pie2D diplay them, the order was like attachment. The order of slice is not clockwise ascending. waiting for your help, thanks.
  2. How To Format Yaxis

    thanks for your reponse. The Powercharts v3.2 works fine for this issue, when using same data xml.Maybe my version is too lower to have this effect. thanks again.
  3. How To Format Yaxis

    Thank you for your response. The chart type is MSSpline , and the version is PowerCharts V3 Awaiting for your replay,thanks.
  4. Thank you very much.Expect this feature will come in next version
  5. How To Format Yaxis

    Thanks for your replay. When i set decimals='2', the value display in tooltip have been tow decimals.But the display calibrations of yaixs are still 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, which I mean to be 0.00, 5.00, 10.00, 15.00, 20.00. waiting for your answer,thanks again. The data xml is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <chart rotateYAxisName="0" divLineDashGap="2" yAxisValueDecimals="3" rotateYAxisName='0' showValues="0" showLegend="1" drawAnchors="1" plotBorderColor="ffffff" baseFontSize="12" lineThickness="1" labelStep="6" showLabels="1" showPercentInToolTip="0" legendBgColor="ffffff" alternateHGridColor="ffffff" forceDecimals="1" showPlotBorder="0" outCnvBaseFontColor="202020" sortingAxis="Y" legendBorderAlpha="0" decimals="2" divLineIsDashed="1" showYAxisValues="1" divLineDashLen="2" toolTipSepCharText=";" outCnvBaseFontSize="12" divLineColor="3366ff" showPercentInDisplayValue="0" toolTipBgColor="acdefe" toolTipBorderColor="ffffff" showPercentAfter="0" canvasBorderThickness="1" labelDisplay="wrap" chartRightMargin="35" anchorRadius="2" processYAxisValue="0" canvasBgColor="ffffff,ffffff" nullShow="1" onlyDataValueInToolTip="0" canvasBgAlpha="60,60" numVDivLines="0" bgColor="ffffff,ffffff" isSpline="1" canvasBorderAlpha="40" bgAlpha="60,60" canvasBgAngle="135" numDivLines="3" chartLeftMargin="15" showAlternateHGridColor="1" bgAngle="135" slantLabels="0" legendShadow="0" formatNumberScale="0" showPercent="0" percentValueType="NN" baseFontColor="003975" adjustDiv="0" showBorder="0" chartTopMargin="10" chartBottomMargin="5" captionPadding="10" xAxisNamePadding="2" yAxisNamePadding="2" showfcmenuitem="0" toolTipSepChar=" " yAxisMaxValue="20.0000000000" yAxisMinValue="0E-10" imageSaveURL="D" plotSpacePercent="30"><categories><category label="O/N"/><category label="7D"/><category label="14D"/><category label="21D"/><category label="1M"/><category label="2M"/><category label="3M"/><category label="4M"/><category label="5M"/><category label="6M"/><category label="7M"/><category label="8M"/><category label="9M"/><category label="10M"/><category label="11M"/><category label="1Y"/><category label="2Y"/><category label="3Y"/><category label="4Y"/><category label="5Y"/><category label="6Y"/><category label="7Y"/><category label="8Y"/><category label="9Y"/><category label="10Y"/></categories><dataset seriesName="贸易融资" color="0066FF" alpha="100"><set value="16.06738000" /><set value="13.67290000" /><set value="13.15286000"/><set value="8.44691000"/><set value="5.72405000" /><set value="17.58171000" toolText="贸易融资 2M 17.58"/><set value="14.24115000" /><set value="2.35908000" /><set value="12.08044000" /><set value="2.95785000" /><set value="9.36552000" /><set value="16.02771000" /><set value="4.29212000" /><set value="19.76866000" /><set value="1.95867000" /><set value="6.50898000" /><set value="0.69460000"/><set value="2.78389000"/> <set value="5.88518000"/><set value="16.91396000"/><set value="11.30344000" /><set value="14.08062000"/> <set value="7.93603000" /><set value="18.90865000"/><set value="0.31250000" /></dataset> <dataset seriesName="非贸易融资" color="009900" alpha="100"><set value="1.89764000"/><set value="9.44425000"/><set value="2.96700000"/><set value="6.11896000"/><set value="18.58211000"/><set value="2.30903000"/><set value="13.97869000"/><set value="16.78334000"/><set value="14.68184000"/><set value="2.23334000"/><set value="13.14920000"/><set value="0.66774000"/><set value="12.90932000"/><set value="16.29749000"/><set value="10.20355000"/><set value="5.92669000"/><set value="13.12662000"/><set value="6.85018000"/><set value="18.26654000"/><set value="2.23517000"/><set value="4.84389000"/><set value="4.01867000"/><set value="6.35700000" /><set value="13.29325000"/><set value="19.71922000"/></dataset></chart>
  6. How To Format Yaxis

    Hi, I want to set calibration of y axis as 10 => 10.00 ,10.1 => 10.10. I have read the user guide over and over again, but cannot find any attributes can help. Is it possible to complete this job? Can anyone help, thank you very much.
  7. Hi, I have encountered an issue when using Candlestick Chart, that I want to transform the right yaxis to left. Are there any attributes fit for this task ? Can anynone help me, thanks a lot.
  8. Problem With Pie2D

    Hi, Thanks for your response. The environment is: OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 2600 browser : IE 8.0.6001.18702 FusionCharts version: V3 Flash player version:Adobe Flash Player The acttachment is swf file that I used. awaiting for your answer.
  9. Problem With Pie2D

    Hi, The content of data. xml is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <chart showLegend="1" showValues="1" outCnvBaseFontSize="12" toolTipBgColor="ACDEFE" yAxisValueDecimals="2" toolTipBorderColor="ffffff" nullShow="1" baseFontSize="12" bgColor="ffffff,ffffff" showPercentInToolTip="0" canvasBgAngle="90" numDivLines="4" bgAngle="90" forceDecimals="1" showPercentValues="1" formatNumberScale="0" outCnvBaseFontColor="000000" baseFontColor="003975" decimals="2" showBorder="0" chartTopMargin="10" chartBottomMargin="10" captionPadding="10" xAxisNamePadding="2" yAxisNamePadding="2" showfcmenuitem="0" toolTipSepChar=" "><set label="黄金" value="295140.120097320000" color="39608e" toolText="黄金 295,140.12"/><set label="外汇期权" value="74091.741730810000" color="4572a7" toolText="外汇期权 74,091.74"/><set label="第三方存管保证金" value="73893.926552220000" color="4f81bd" toolText="第三方存管保证金 73,893.93"/><set label="受托理财" value="73735.601102120000" color="93a9cf" toolText="受托理财 73,735.60"/><set label="储蓄存款" value="73482.592586880000" color="bcc8df" toolText="储蓄存款 73,482.59"/><set label="其他项目汇总" value="146662.790081110000" color="D6E4F5" toolText="其他项目汇总 146,662.79"/></chart> waitfing for your answer,thanks a lot.
  10. Problem With Pie2D

    Hello, When I try to use Pie2D chart ,I have got this error: Sometimes, the line pointed to tip will disappear when click a pie of chart.. Thanks for your answer! data.xml