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  1. Hi, I'm using drag node chart and i'm creating nodes and connectors dynamically (by click on "Add Node" and "Add connectors" popup menu options). I'm providing functionality to save the save, for that i'm getting the chart data using chart.getXMLData method. While creating the chart again using this returned XML (using chat.setDataXML method), arrows are displayed at the both the ends (while creating i'm selected arrowAtEnd). It seems the returned XML, for connectors element, arrowAtStart and arrowAtEnd attributes are not included and hence it is displaying chart's default connector values for these two. See below images, before and after and here is my javascript used to redraw the chart function test(){ var chart = getChartFromId('seqChart'); if (chart != null){ var xml = chart.getXMLData();chart.setDataXML(xml); //chart.render("chartDiv");} }
  2. Thanks for your reply. Mail sent to [email protected] with the attachment Regards, Anand
  3. Retrieve Chart Data

    Thanks for the Reply. I think the problem is, I
  4. Hi, I'm using drag node chart to display flow sequence. I'm setting the dataurl using javascript and in the chart xml i'm properly setting the connector object arrows as required. I have an option to save the chart xml into database, and i'm getting the chart xml using javascript getXMLData(). I found that connector's arrow properties are missing in the data returned by above method. Arrow positions are very important for me. How can i get new positions with out loosing arrow setting? Regards, Anand
  5. Retrieve Chart Data

    Hi, I'm having the same problem. I'm getting "object doesnot support this method" java script error when accessing getXMLData() method. Any help? Regards, Anand
  6. Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I'm trying to save the XML generated by a drag node chart. I've configured the form action to a page and i'm getting the "strXML" form variable. However, I want one more additional form variable to have a reference to the generated xml. I've tried setting additional query string to form action but seems it is not working (formAction = "savechart?s=100"). Is there any solution to this? Regards Anand