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  1. FusionCharts DTD

    Is there a DTD available for FusionCharts?
  2. legend colors not appearing

    as noted in post 477, changing the baseFont to 'Arial' was not a successful workaround.
  3. I'm with Steve on this one. My legend names are pretty long, and look terrible by default. What would be nice is a control for legendJustification (left | center | right | full), then I could specify how I wanted each seriesName to layout in the legend.
  4. legend colors not appearing

    Is there a bug to track this? (or a workaround?)
  5. legend colors not appearing

    new fusionchart user. I am also seeing the 'no color' problem in my charts. I have tried changing my baseFont, but my legend colors are still blank. Mozilla firefox running on ubuntu linux Shockwave Flash 9.0 r31