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  1. @AlphaDashboards I sent you an email from [email protected] Name is Gilles Let's hope you have what we're looking for!
  2. @Richard789 OK. How do we get in touch to discuss this further? Where are you from ? USA? Canada?
  3. Looking for developper that can take an existing Fusionchart integration and modify so users can send HTML email with data and accompanying Fusionchart. You must show me an example that works in order to get the job. Thanks
  4. Can you please help me with coding the following: I use a jQuery UI dialog to show a loading.gif when page is busy loading or processing. This is the code to open dialog: $("#dialog-Loading").html("<img class='loader-img-dialog' src='../images/ajax-loader2.gif'/><span class='loader-text'>"+ _pleaseWait +"...</span>").dialog('open'); This is the code once the page loads to clos dialog $(window).load(function() { $('#dialog-Loading').dialog('close'); }); ********************************************************************* I have this jQuery function when user clicks on "Print" button to print chart: $("#jPrint").live('click',function(){ $("#dialog-Loading").html("<img class='loader-img-dialog' src='../images/ajax-loader2.gif'/><span class='loader-text'>"+ _pleaseWait +"...</span>").dialog('open'); FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint(); }); ***************************************************************************************************************** The dialog comes up and stays up even after the printManager dialog is finally displayed. Can you help me code the --- $('#dialog-Loading').dialog('close'); --- so that the loading.gif will close when printManager is done?
  5. Trying to call a $.ajax function to render chart. Here is the code when I click the button: $("#myAjaxChartButton").live('click',function(){ var strURL = "/MyFCPHPClassCharts/Charts/FirstAjaxChart.php"; $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: strURL, success: function(msg){ $("#chartContainer").show().html(msg); } }); }); the FristAjaxChart.php : <?php include('../Class/FusionCharts_Gen.php'); # Create Column3D chart Object $FC = new FusionCharts("Line2D","300","250"); # set the relative path of the SWF file $FC->setSWFPath("../FusionCharts/"); # Set chart attributes $strParam="caption=Weekly Sales;xAxisName=Week;yAxisName=Revenue;numberPrefix={:content:}quot;; $FC->setChartParams($strParam); # add chart values and category names $FC->addChartData("40800","label=Week 1"); $FC->addChartData("31400","label=Week 2"); $FC->addChartData("26700","label=Week 3"); $FC->addChartData("54400","label=Week 4"); ?> <script language='javascript' src="MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <?php # Render Chart $FC->renderChart(); ?> ********************************************************** All I get is a brief flash of the word "Chart." appear in the place where I want the chart to appear. What am I missing? PS This is just to test how I am supposed to render vis Ajax - so the code is very basic. Later I will build the details.