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  1. Fusion Charts Print In Google Chrome

    Hi I am trying to use the print method in Fusion Charts using the below event listener code FusionCharts.addEventListener ( FusionChartsEvents.PrintReadyStateChange , function (identifier, parameter) { if(parameter.ready){ //alert("Chart is now ready for printing."); isPrintChartReady = true; } }); if the variable is true I am using FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint(); to print the page which has the graph. But, in Google Chrome it is taking lot of time. It doesn' t seem it is working. While in all the the browsers, it gets displayed quickly. Kindly let me know what is the issue at the earliest, as it is a production issue for us. Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti
  2. Hi I am using MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf and the chart XML is as attached. When using the chart xml separately the graph is getting displayed properly. But in our real time application we are getting some characters like <span title along with the X-Axis Labels as shown in the Screenshot attached. (for the same chart Xml) This issue is occuring only in Google Chrome and in all the other browsers it is working fine. Kindly let me know what is the reason for display of the <tspan> content and also how to fix it. Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti Chart.xml
  3. Fusion Charts Print Method

    Hi Bindu The event is working fine in Firefox, Safari and IE, but it is not working in Google Chrome. Kindly let us know if there is any solution. Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti
  4. Fusion Charts Print Method

    Hi Bindu This is a critical issue in our production and we need immediate solution for this. Kindly let us know any contact number so that we can communicate and get the clarification. Thanks & regards Harini Pasupuleti
  5. Fusion Charts Print Method

    Hi Bindu Please find the attached Data2.xml and the code which we are using for printing the Fusion Chart Graph. We are using the method, FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint();. But it is not working consistently across-Mozilla, Safari, IE and Google Chrome. Kindly let us know the issue and the solution for it at the earliest. Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti chart.html Data2.xml
  6. Fusion Charts Print Method

    The method FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint() is not working properly in Google Chrome and IE7. First time the print dialog is getting opened. From the next time onwards, we are unable to see that dialog. We are using HTML Fusion Charts latest version. (Licensed from Florida Power & Light (FPL)). Kindly let me know how to resolve it. Thanks & regards Harini Pasupuleti
  7. Hi I am getting an unresponsive script error in javascript when I am rendering the fusion charts in Flash-off. "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue." It is pointing to the file-FusionCharts.HC.js:205. I am using MSCombiDY2D charts. Kindly let me know how to debug the above error. Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti
  8. Problem With Fusion Charts In Chrome

    Hi I am using MSCombiDY2D.swf (HTML Fusion charts) in different browsers-Safari, Firefox , IE and Chrome. My functionality is as follows. I have three tabs-A,B,C. When I click on each tab, I display a fusion chart graph. Each tab has a different graph. The charts are getting loaded fine in all the three browsers(Safari,Firefox and IE). But in chrome the graphs are getting loaded inconsistently. The graphs are displayed wrongly in all the three tabs only in Chrome. Is there a problem with the Fusion charts in Chrome? Thanks & Regards Harini Pasupuleti
  9. Hi I do not want any space between the label(label padding is not required). I require the text "Next energy" to be displayed properly above the label without crossing over the x-Axis. I want it above the Axis to be displayed vertically. \ Thanks & Regards Harini
  10. I am using MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf. Regards Harini
  11. Hi please find the attached XML for stacked charts. Regards Harini Stacked_Chart.xml
  12. Hi I am facing a problem for Stacked 2D Dual Y charts. I am setting the showValue = "1" and setting the displayValue="some text" for the chart. But the value is not getting displayed clearly on the x-Axis. I have used rotateValues = "1" as I want the value to be displayed vertically. The same properties are working fine for Combination Dual Y 2D Charts. Please let me know how to resolve it. Regards Harini Pasupuleti
  13. Category Link Doesn't Work

    Hi This is on clicking of the bar right...but we need the same behavior when we click on the X-Axis Label. How do we achieve it? Regards Harini
  14. Category Link Doesn't Work

    Hi I want to call a javascript method and pass parameters to it on click of the X-Axis label in the graph. Is it possible in Fusion Charts-HTML/Flash charts? Regards Harini
  15. Category Link Doesn't Work