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  1. I widh to try MAPS on a distribution environment, is it possible at now with the trial version? thanks
  2. Clickable FusionMap Markers

    Yes, now It'working. Thanks:)
  3. Wich piece of script do you refer? any link?
  4. Yes, you are right. But If you have already done it in your code, can you share with us? Can you show us some piece of code to implement it? THanks.
  5. I'm looking for a function to zoom in and out (drill down) from a state to region. Example: I have a 500x450 Italy map, clicking on region 'LAZIO' I would display in the same canvas size(500x450) only the region 'LAZIO' and clicking on a specific link on the map to turn it back. At now it is not possibile...I'm working on a big project to finish before the next summer. Do you think It is possible to add this feature to the fusion maps in the nearest future? I found fusionmaps very interesting and easy to implement, but without this feature I think I will change strategy and product. Any feeedback? Thanks, Regards, Massimiliano
  6. Clickable FusionMap Markers

    Here it is my code in Italy.xml file. Thanks Italy.xml
  7. Clickable FusionMap Markers

    Please be more specific with a sample string. I tried to insert the link attribute ...this is the line code: <application> <marker id='1' shapeId='1' link='' /> this doesn't work I have images for marker type.... please give me a little support.