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  1. Hi Fusion Charts, I am experiencing an issue in Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 (under Windows XP) with the Export Image functionality over frames. Internet Explorer blocks the image download with a security message under the address bar. Here is a screenshot: http://test3.4mation.com.au/frame_test/download_blocked_screenshot.jpg'>http://test3.4mation.com.au/frame_test/download_blocked_screenshot.jpg And here is an example frameset I have setup to replicate the issue: http://test3.4mation.com.au/frame_test/ When you click the 'Download File..' link in the security popup, nothing happens. No download is started. This only happens when frames are used. I have tried lowering all my Security and Privacy settings to minimum settings but the issue remains. I suspect this issue is caused because IE tries to protect the user as it thinks the user is being served a file to download automatically across frames, without actually requesting it. Internet Explorer thinks that the download was not initiated by the user because they didn't click a hyperlink to download the file, which is the standard way to start a download. (As you and I know however the user has actually requested to download the file from Flash, but IE cannot detect this). This issue does not occur in Mozilla Firefox 3 for me. I don't think this issue is limited to the PowerCharts Radar graph as I have used here either. Is there a fix for this issue? Many thanks Regards, Jonathan Stucken
  2. Many thanks Dhruva for your speedy reply - this solved our problem. Regards, Jonathan
  3. Hi Fusion Charts, My client has purchased the Power Charts component and is experiencing the following bug with the Radar Chart. When there are 3 points on the radar chart, the chart does not center align itself as it is supposed to. As a result the labels get cut off. The labels dissapear out the side of the graph. I have tried experimenting with the chart settings chartLeftMargin and chartRightMargin but this did not fix the issue. I noticed another customer posted the same issue but no working fix has been supplied to them yet? http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic8027-6-1.aspx?Highlight=radar You can see our problematic chart here with XML (I have enabled debug mode on the chart): http://test3.4mation.com.au/radar_graph_bug.html Is there a fix or workaround for this issue? Or is there a chart setting we can enable to make the labels wrap so they do not get cut off? Thanks Regards, Jonathan
  4. Is it possible to get the new Save as Image functionality working on the grid graphs? http://www.fusioncharts.com/Docs/Contents/Grid_Overview.html I've added the imageSave='1' and imageSaveURL to the chart tag but it doesn't allow me to save the grid as an image. The docs don't mention anything about having the ability to save Grids as images? thanks
  5. Image quality

    Great, thanks! this fixed the problem
  6. Image quality

    In the FusionChartsSave.php file I cannot see any version comments? Here is the code: http://test3.4mation.com.au/image_save/FusionChartsSave.phps Where can I obtain version 1.1 from? Thanks Kind Regards, Jonathan Stucken
  7. Image quality

    Hi Pallav, I am also getting this same problem but on the Powercharts Radar Graphs. When I use the 'Save as Image' function the fonts on the graph get distorted in the exported jpg. I have noticed it only happens when I apply styles to the graph using the styles and application tags. This is a problem as my client has asked for certain styles to be applied to the captions etc on the graph. I am using PHP version of the image save (FusionChartsSave.php) The distorted jpg using 'Save as Image' with styles applied to the graph: How it is supposed to look (this is a screenshot taken in the browser then saved as GIF in Adobe Photoshop): OK jpg using 'Save as Image' without styles applied to the graph: Here is the XML I am feeding the graph which produces the problem: http://test3.4mation.com.au/image_save/bad_xml.txt Any advice to get around this problem? Thanks Kind Regards, Jonathan Stucken