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  1. Hello fusion support members, I saw this url: http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/Demos/FlightSelector/Index.html It is amazing. Excellent code If you have any possible this code, then send to me. I will implemented Otherwise how to procedure to show the Data using javascript at Right side of scroll bar. I am developing fusion maps, So plz help to me How to set legend in fusion maps? I don't need to colors, I want only Geometry of Dashed line and straight line for indication IS It Possible Plz, Quickly replay Thanks & Regards ----------------------------- -Rakesh
  2. Hello, What is syntax of legend? Give one example How to insert into fusion maps? IS it apply only color? I want indication of drawing in legend like as Dashed line (or) lines (or) circles for indication and i will inserted in bottom of the map Thanks & Regards ------------------ Rakesh
  3. How to display single line and dashed lines in maps at right side or bottom of the map. These lines for indication how to apply Any body quickly replay
  4. Hello, I want set indication(legend) in fusion maps. Ex: single direction shows dashed lines two direction shows line Different tooltips will have different colors in fusion maps Plz, quickly replay me Thanks & Regards ------------------ Rakesh
  5. Hallow, i have some doubts as a) Mouse events applicable in fusion maps? I need capture x,y axis values in fusion maps. that is when mouse click then display x,y axis values c) is applicable bi-directional in fusion maps? that means delhi to kolkata and kolkat to delhi i need bidirection b/w thpe place with differen colors Thanks & Regards -------- --Rakesh
  6. Actually, we need capture the x,y axis values on click event of fusion Maps. Either Mouse click event or mouse over
  7. when i mouse move the distace will displayed as x-axis and y-axis in fusion maps when move mouse on fusion maps then shows the distance x, y axis. Is it applicable in javascript? and also mouse click event
  8. I want Bidirection way between places. Ex: Singapore-------London as well as London---singapore So, i need two way B/W them Regards ------- Rakesh