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  1. Hi Pallav, Thank you for reply. Following your advice I have changed param to default "false", recompiled charts and fortunately everything works fine. Thanks again and have a nice weekend ;-) Regards, Madtux
  2. Hi Pallav, This topic is very old, however I have run the same issues as "jackpr". Encoding crashes after chart is loaded into OpenLaszlo. I have tested technologies separately, they work fine, as both have utf-8 support. I have prepared test app (please let me know if you need it, as I can not attach code here). - when user click button, content of dataset is displayed in list, everything is fine, you can refresh it, encoding will not crash, - but after clicking second button, responsible for loading and displaying fusion chart with sample data (taken from FC gallery), encoding changes. So after next refresh of list strings are broken. I have investigated issue for long hours, however I did not find any solution. Chart brakes OL encoding, ant this does not depend on chart data (empty chart will break it as well). Also I have checked Laszlo / FC library used to load charts, it looks fine for me. I have run out of ideas, any clues appreciated. PS. Could you tell me how charts manage encoding?
  3. OpenLaszlo + FC v3 + chart's size problem

    Hi Pallav, Thank you for reply. I am not able to test it now, but I will post result early next week. Regards, Madtux
  4. Dear Sir or Madam, I have small issue with FC v3 and OpenLaszlo (4.0.9). I am not sure if you will be able to help me, but at least you are the best people to ask ;-) I have license for Fusion CHarts v2.3 and v3. I am implementing them in my web application based on Laszlo. I already have found *a lot of help* on OpenLaszlo forum: My main problem was related with size of embed in app chart. I already had tested FC v2 (working with fusion library written for FC v2.3, available in the same post). But when I tried to use new charts v3 I faced problems with size - chart was very, very big. Fortunately problem was already known and solved. I have found solution (in posted thread, page 3, as I remember). Especially useful was Esala's post who provided nice trick with with recompiling sources of charts. So I have followed his advices and I have modified file "" (lines 34 and 35). I have changed lines: var _chartWidth : Number = Stage.width; var _chartHeight : Number = Stage.height; with this: var _chartWidth : Number = (rootAttr ["chartwidth"]); var _chartHeight : Number = Number (rootAttr ["chartheight"]); And then I have recompiled "fla" file to "swf" in Macromedia Flash 8 for every chart that I wanted: Line.swf MSLine.swf Bar2D.swf Column2D.swf Column3D.swf Pie2D.swf Pie3D.swf I have noticed that change haven't had any side effects on the charts - they looks brilliant (as usual Line, bar, columns and pie charts were scaled properly. Unfortunately MSLine chart was still bigger than my screen. So it looks like solution with recompiling is not working for MSLine chart. Maybe all multiseries charts are affected (I havn't checked that). I am not familiar with source code of your charts to do more research (unfortunately I am not familiar with Flash also). I will appreciate any help. Best regards, madtux