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  1. clickURL w/ Scroll Charts

    Is it expected that when using a scroll chart, and using the clickURL directive that it would activate when a user uses the scrollbar? It seems rather counter productive to have a scroll chart where the clickURL directive prevents the use of the scrollbar to scroll through the data, or am I insane? Also in the 3.0.3 release on the forum you state and improvement of "Positioned the scroll bar at the end of canvas." Could you elaborate if this affects the position of the scrollbar on a scroll chart, or is it something else? Thanks in advance Jason
  2. When using the follow snippet of code: function updateChart(d,chart) { var strURL = '/support_cases_wkly_report.php?DATE=' + d; strURL = strURL + '&currTime=' + getTimeForURL(); strURL = escape(strURL); var chartObj = getChartFromId(chart); chartObj.setDataURL(strURL); } where *chart* is the DCOM ID of the chart I consistently get: "Error: chartObj.setDataURL is not a function" I have placed the chart in a test page not inside any forms or anything that would effect the DCOM tree in theory and the result is the same. The chart is rendered via the follow snippet of code: echo renderChart("/charts/MSLine.swf?ChartNoDataText=Please wait for data to be displayed.", "/support_cases_wkly_report.php", "", "supportbyproduct", 800, 400, false, false); What is going on here, and more importantly how can I resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Jason