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  1. Fusionmap Inside An Ajax Update Panel

    Thanks Angie, That worked! I have no idea how I would have found that on my own. Thanks! Mary
  2. I am using the demo version of Fusion Maps. I want to make sure it does every thing I need before I purchase it. I have a Fusion Map inside an Ajax Update panel. I am using the ScriptManager to register the FusionMap javascript file. It works fine when the page first loads, but anything after that id doesn't. I am using this line of code: ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude(Page, GetType(String), "FusionMap", "/JavaScript/FusionMaps.js") I have tried putting this line of code in many different places. When I step thru the code, I find that this line IS being called for post back, but it only works when the page is first opened. Since it works the first time, I am confident that the file is being referenced correctly. How do I get FusionMap to work inside an Ajax UpdatePanel?