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  1. Hi I am creating a site for a client whereby they want to display charts and save the charts to use elsewhere and FusionCharts looks to be perfect. My only issue is the saving of the graph into an image - has anyone had any success with this? I want to know this will work before committing to buy. I have found a component that will save images through ASP - ASPimage (, and this looks like it might work. If anyone else has used this and got it to work then could you post an example please? Any other suggestions would be welcome. Many thanks
  2. Save graph as image using ASP?

    As far as I am aware you need the paid for version to be able to save images. I'm sure an admin will be able to verify this.
  3. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Hi I have just tried this and it all worked a treat (except the bat file but I just registered GDlibrary.dll and it worked fine). Thank you very much for your excellent support
  4. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Hi Your support staff were very quick in your response with giving me a script to work with ASP Image however ASP Image have not responded at all to my requests to update their out of date trials on their website and therefore I have been unable to test it all. Does anyone know of any other components that do a similar job as ASP Image and that works with Fusion Charts please? Thanks
  5. Save graph as image using ASP?

    That sounds perfect - the only thing holding me back was the fact that I might not be able to save the charts as images. I take it you can provide the scripts by going through your support system once I have purchased FusionCharts?