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  1. 3D Pie Chart Negative values

    Thanks a lot for the responde. Is it possible shall we show atleast the label with actual negative value i, e -76.28M.
  2. Hi Gentle Man,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> In the labels on the 3D PIE, even if the number is negative it is shown as positive. Label shows 76M whereas the actual number is -76.28M. Thanks for your solution in advance. Thanks, Moorthy
  3. Fusion chart not showing smaller scale values.

    Hi, Any update on this. Reply please. Thank you, Moorthy
  4. Legend in pie charts

    We also need legend in the pie chart, It would be really appreciated if you guys bring this feature in the next release. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Fusion chart not showing smaller scale values.

    Hi, I also have the similar requirement, some data points are very large and some data points are very small. I need to use the logarithmic scale. Have seen your PowerCharts suite but that contains only two swf file for 2D charts, I need to show the charts in 3D. my chart is 3D Column + Line Single Y Combination. I am using MSColumn3DLineDY.swf file. Do you have logarithmic scale in these kind of 3D charts and for normal 3D bar charts? Thanks for your help in advavce. Thanks, Moorthy
  6. Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I am showing process and task information in the gantt chart. The number of process(record count) get vary at run time. If I display one day data the nuber of process around 75, If I display two day data the nuber of process around 160, my three days data around 260. So have set the height at run time by recordCount*22. This I found based on some trial and error method. This is working if I display around upto 170 process. If the no of process is more than 170, this logic is not working. Suppose consider if I display 250 records, upto around 170 records the process and task displaying properly, in the remaining records only process is displaying, the task information is not displaying, the cell border disappears and the scroll bar disappears. Is there any way to set the height at runtime based on the number of records we are showing? Thanks for the help in advance. - Moorthy
  7. Data Grid

    Hi Sudipto, Thanks for the reply. Yes have seen SSGrid.swf. It looks nice. Our grid having more than 2 columns and it should have remote and local pagination, column sorting, filtering, context menu... Do we support these things in the fusion chart? or do you have plan to support in the feature release? Thanks, Moorthy
  8. Data Grid

    Hi, We have the requirement to show the data in the grid format. We are searching for the flash based grid so that it will look good. Is that fusion chart have the data grid? Thanks for help in advance. - Moorthy
  9. Hi, Thanks a lot for your nice idea. I forgot to mention one thing. Like the tooltip popup I need to show the legend in the popup on mouseover of the icon and I need to hide it on mouse out. Do we have this feature in the fusion. Thanks, Moorthy
  10. HI, Is it possible in the fusion chart to show legend only when we clicks on specific link/icon? or show it when mouseover. My requirement is by default I dont want to show the legend. I need to place the icon/link in the bottom of the chart and I need to show the legend when mouseover on the icon or onclick of the icon. Is it possible in the fusion chart?
  11. Pie rotation when wmode = transparent

    Hi, Is it possible to dissable the Pie chart rotation? Thanks, Moorthy
  12. Pie rotation when wmode = transparent

    Hi Pallav, Thanks for the reply. I am getting this issue on IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp.. But in the firefox the rotation is proper Thanks, Moorthy
  13. I added the following to the FusionCharts.js file in order to prevent existing page controls from appearing behind the FusionCharts graph (eg drop-down menu): this.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); However, this has had an adverse effect when enabling rotation on a 3d pie chart. Instead of a fluid rotation, the rotation effect is staggered. It looks like it freezes then jumps to the new rotation point (if you know what I mean). Same time I can able to get the fluid rotation if the data points are less than 4
  14. Pie rotation when wmode = transparent

    Hi, I am also facing the same issue, any solution. Thanks for the help in advance... - Moorthy