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  1. MSCombi2D Lines fade from color to white

    Some further info is I started using MSCombi3D and when I right-click and select "View 2D" the lines fade to white.
  2. I'm using MSCombi2D and the lines begin as a color then fade to white. I've tried all the suggestions but the lines still fade to white. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <chart imageSave="[b]1[/b]" imageSaveURL="[b]FusionChartsSave.php/w493594b122684[/b]" labelStep="[b]3[/b]" yAxisName="[b]Clips[/b]" caption="[b]New Widget[/b]" bgColor="[b]FFFFFF[/b]" showBorder="[b]0[/b]" borderColor="[b]ffffff[/b]" outCnvBaseFontColor="[b]666666[/b]" showNames="[b]1[/b]" showValues="[b]0[/b]" plotFillAlpha="[b]0[/b]" numVDivLines="[b]10[/b]" showAlternateVGridColor="[b]1[/b]" AlternateVGridColor="[b]e1f5ff[/b]" divLineColor="[b]e1f5ff[/b]" vdivLineColor="[b]e1f5ff[/b]" baseFontColor="[b]666666[/b]" zgapplot="[b]20[/b]" zdepth="[b]60[/b]" exeTime="[b]2[/b]">- <categories> <category label="[b]01/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]02/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]03/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]04/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]05/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]06/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]07/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]08/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]09/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]10/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]11/2008[/b]" /> <category label="[b]12/2008[/b]" /> </categories>- <dataset seriesName="[b]Cisco[/b]" color="[b]#AFD8F8[/b]" plotBorderColor="[b]#AFD8F8[/b]" renderAs="[b]Area[/b]"> <set value="[b]18[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080101','20080131');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]17[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080201','20080229');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]11[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080301','20080331');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]23[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080401','20080430');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]21[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080501','20080531');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]30[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080601','20080630');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]81[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080701','20080731');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]115[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080801','20080831');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]4794[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080901','20080930');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]4086[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081001','20081031');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]0[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081101','20081130');[/b]" /> <set value="[b]0[/b]" link="[b]javascript:doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081201','20081231');[/b]" /> </dataset> </chart> any suggestions?? Many thx. -D
  3. specifying chart width as 100%

    Hi, I'm using what the instructions say and have the latest FC enterprise code. I've tried every sending 100% every which way possible. Still no luck. I just get a blank chart. :w00t:
  4. Help... Chart render error....sometimes

    I am experiencing the same exact problem and have to set width="360" height="310" or whatever number. The chart renders all mushed together except a few words of the caption are visible, but no chart renders. IE7, FP9, FC3Enterprise. The only fix is to manually "Rewind->Play". -D
  5. specifying chart width as 100%

    I too cannot get it to size to 100%wx100%h. The chart renders empty if 100% is used in either width or height; the chart renders fine if I enter in regular numbers. <div name="displaydiv" id="displaydiv"> <div name="chart1div" id="chart1div"> <strong>To view these charts correctly, you need to install or upgrade your Flash Player.</strong> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var so = new FusionCharts('fc/Pie3D.swf', 'chart1Id','100%','100%','0','0','FFFFFF','exactFit'); so.addParam("type", "application/x-shockwave-flash"); so.addParam("id", "chart1Id"); so.addParam("name", "chart1Id"); so.addParam("FlashVars"," &dataURL=chartcache/<?=$fc_chart?>.xml&registerWithJS=1");so.addParam("movie", "fc/Pie3D.swf"); so.addParam("quality", "high"); so.addParam("menu", "true"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always"); so.addParam("pluginurl", ""); so.render("chart1div"); </script>
  6. Transparent Graphs have Black Background when Printed

    I'm having the same problem on one linux server but not the other. Can't see anything different between the two servers, same code, just different servers. Any ideas?
  7. JavaScript Hook for 'Save as Image'

    Hi, I finally figured out what the issue was with the charttoprint object does not support that method or property error in IE that I was receiving. I figured it out that I have to call registerWithJS on the FlashVars param in order for IE to to acknowledge the OBJECT's id as in: so.addParam("FlashVars","&dataURL=cache/myfile.xml&registerWithJS=1"); Once I provided that, it worked fine. I was relying on the "1" flag on the new instantiation function but it ignores that in IE. Here's what I ended up using that works: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function saveChart(chartID){ var chartToPrint = getChartFromId(chartID); chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); } </SCRIPT> <script type="text/javascript"> var so = new FusionCharts('FusionCharts/Area2D.swf', 'chart1Id','600','400','0','1','FFFFFF','exactFit','','8'); so.addParam("type", "application/x-shockwave-flash"); so.addParam("id", "chart1Id"); so.addParam("FlashVars","&dataURL=cache/myfile.xml&registerWithJS=1"); so.addParam("movie", "FusionCharts/Area2D.swf"); so.addParam("quality", "high"); so.addParam("menu", "true"); so.addParam("wmode", "opaque"); so.addParam("pluginurl", ""); so.render("chart1div"); </script> <a href="" onClick="saveChart('chart1Id');">Save Chart</a> I hop this helps someone out there .
  8. The charts do not get rendered properly under IE

    I am also experiencing a similar issue in IE7. Please see attached left-most chart.
  9. copy and paste fusion charts

    Yes, I am registering it with JS, and it's not inside a form, and I can use getChartId. It's the call to chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); that won't work on the active-X object. var so = new FusionCharts('FusionCharts/MSColumn2D.swf', 'chart1Id','600','400','0','1','FFFFFF','exactFit','','8'); so.addParam("type", "application/x-shockwave-flash"); so.addParam("id", "chart1Id"); so.addParam("FlashVars","&dataURL=cache/[b]<?=[/b]$currentwidgetkey[b]?>[/b].xml"); so.addParam("movie", "FusionCharts/MSColumn2D.swf"); so.addParam("quality", "high"); so.addParam("menu", "true"); so.addParam("wmode", "opaque"); so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always"); so.addParam("pluginurl", ""); so.render("chart1div"); Thanks for your help! -D
  10. copy and paste fusion charts

    Hi, thanks for your note. I grabbed 3.06 enterprise edition and have that installed now. I see the Image Save As right-click feature now. However, when I try to use the example saveChart(); I get a JS error still on the "chartToPrint.saveAsImage();" call. It says Object doesn't support this property or method. function saveChart(){ //Get chart from its ID var chartToPrint = getChartFromId('chart1Id'); chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); //bombs on this call }
  11. Hi, Can you tell me if the saveImage feature is available in the evaluation version via the JS method? I tried it but when I go to load: chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); I get a JS "Object doesn't support this property or method" error. Thank you! -Deb
  12. copy and paste fusion charts

    Hi, Can you tell me if the saveImage feature available in the evaluation version via the JS method? I tried it but when I go to load chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); I get a JS "Object doesn't support this property or method" error. Thank you! -Deb