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  1. Disable Right-Click Print on FusionCharts v3

    I added showFCMenuItem='0' to my chart.xml and it only removed the "About Fusion Charts" right-click menu item. I don't want to disable the right-click menu, I just want to remove "Print Charts" from the menu. I enabled debug mode and can confirm that I'm using version 3.0.5. Do I need to upgrade my SWF file to a later version? We want to just remove "Print Chart" because we are using the "Save as Image" functionality. When a user clicks "Save as Image" and the image is generated using the ASP.NET script, we are able to add a water mark to the chart so the users know where the chart came from. But we are unable to do this with the "Print Chart" feature, so we would just like to remove it as an option while still maintaining the right-click menu. Is this possible? Thanks
  2. I've looked all over the forum and I couldn't find an answer so pardon me if this has been answered somewhere else, but is there a way to remove the "Print Chart" option from the right-click menu of the chart. My company is using FusionCharts v3 (and we are very satisfied with the product) but we want to remove the ability for users to print the chart directly from the chart itself. This way a user can only print a chart if they print the screen and then it'll have our company logo on the page and all other good stuff... It seems like this should be possible with an easy xml attribute (i.e. allowprint='0') but I can't find it. Is it possible? If so how can I implement it? Thanks