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  1. DataStreamURL - Update on load?

    Right, I realize that. But my point is that in this case I don't have access to the data from the JS, so it would be useful to have a way of initializing the graph with a dataStream.
  2. DataStreamURL - Update on load?

    Alright. So, .... I have a web site which displays some CPU monitors, etc. The web page itself is generated dynamically through javascript and that is also where the XML files for the graphs get pushed into the graphs. The problem is that the javascript file has no idea what the "initial"/current value of the cpus is. I have set up a streaming data URL that has the CPU values on it, but I don't really want to hit those more than once a minute. So I set my data url and set my time to 60 seconds. The problem is that since I have no data and the update time is 60 seconds it takes 60 seconds for the graph to have any data on it. What I want it to do is to get the graph to actually get its first datapoint from the stream URL. Is this possible?
  3. I have a some graphs that I want to start with a blank slate. The problem is that since the data is initially 0 it takes whatever my refresh period is for the graphs to hit the stream url and update. Is there a way to get the graphs to hit the url once immediately at load time? -Eric
  4. I get the following error, "Error calling method on NPObject! [plugin exception: Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error.]" When calling setDataXML. Does anyone know where this error would come from? Currently the swf is hosted on DOMAIN1 and the site using it is on DOMAIN2. Is there anything special I need to do for the cross domain?