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  1. Hide Or Remove Process Names In Gantt Chart

    What sort of XML code do I need to generate in order to accomplish this ? Isn't there a "processes" attribute that does this automatically ? I would think it should be the width attribute.
  2. I would like to hide/remove the process names (in blue) from within the Gantt Chart. I tried the process option "width=0" and changing the text color to be the same as the background, the text color changed but the width remain same. Is there a way to accomplish this task ?
  3. Alternate Column Shading In Gantt Chart

    Thanks. I was able to use the trendline/trendzone to accomplish the alternate column shading in a Gantt Chart.
  4. I have a gantt chart that have milestones. I would like to display the Process Names either left or right of the milestone icon. I see options to display the Task Start Date and End Date left/right of the tasks but no Process Names before/after each task/milestone. The process names by default is displayed on top and not beside each task. Is there a way to achieve this ? Please refer to the attached image for reference. Anthony
  5. Is it possible to have an alternate column shading in a gantt chart ? I have searched here but can't find what I'm looking for.
  6. Vertical scrolling in Gantt Charts

    Hello, Any news yet as to when gantt chart vertical scrolling would be made available ? Any workarounds apart from limiting the size of data ?