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  1. Is it possible to create a pseudo hyperlink of a text type annotation? I don't really see a way to do it. I often use text annotations to display data, but would like to pop a new page with additional data when the words are clicked on. Possible?
  2. Annotation Clickable Events

    I believe we're on 3.3, do I have the option to upgrade?
  3. I've created some animated .gif files, but when I use them as an annotation image type, they dont animate. Any way to get this to work?
  4. Tooltips With Spark Charts

    Any change to this, a hover option on large Spark Charts would be really nice...
  5. Scatter With Images

    Is it possible to use image files for the x,y points on a Scatter rather than simply defining the sides of the points? I was thinking you could implement an annotation style that supports images for plotting the x,y points. Is that possible in FusionCharts, I dont think it supports Annotations like Fusion Widgets does. Thanx!
  6. Scatter With Images

    For example, in my scatter, I have various shapes. I would like to make one of the shapes (pin points) to be a star. You cant do this with defining sides, but I do have an image of a star. Using annotations with x,y coordinates and image files, I could accomplish this, but it doesnt look like Scatter plots support this? Thanks!