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  1. JavaScript Call + Slicing Movement

    There is a workaround to do this, but its not very elegant. You have to use link mode, then make your javascript function manipulate the XML with isSliced parameter on the set elements. This way you will be able slice and do other operations at the same time. I hope FC will support a combination of links and slicing in the future. It would be very handy! :w00t: In my opinion the user must be able to select 0, 1 or many slices by default (Just like slicing works today), and it should be possible with link on these. To push in previously selected slices automatically, an extra attribute must be specified in the chart.
  2. To ensure that the chart loads in Internet Explorer, we need to add headers as specified in http://www.fusioncharts.com/KB/article.aspx?id=10091 If you are using sessions, it
  3. Gantt: scroll + trendline displayValue

    PS: Dimensions are 500x472 pixels.
  4. Gantt: scroll + trendline displayValue

  5. When using a Gantt chart with scroll and trendlines, the trendline displayValue is displayed in the position of tasks for the last process. If we have a trendline start date within the time frame of the task, the displayValue will not be shown.
  6. annotationGroup link

    When i click an annotation in the chart, I always get the link for the last annotationGroupElement. Im using annotations to label and make links in AngularGauge.swf. For example if i click the Id