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  1. Hi, I am trying to make a multi series column chart, where one column in each category will be split to a stack. Here is my XML: <chart caption='Depot Breakdown' yAxisMin='0' xAxisMin='0' xAxisName='Depot' yAxisName='Value' showValues='0' numberPrefix='£'> <categories> <category label='B ' /> <category label='J ' /> <category label='R ' /> <category label='S ' /> <category label='T ' /> <category label='W ' /> <category label='X ' /> <category label='Y ' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Sales'> <set value='78488.83' /> <set value='22988.96' /> <set value='81950.60' /> <set value='203828.76' /> <set value='101022.07' /> <set value='28384.96' /> <set value='9026.19' /> <set value='85995.00' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Costs'> <dataset seriesName='Sub-contractor' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='7025.22' /> <set value='1293.18' /> <set value='11864.97' /> <set value='60935.50' /> <set value='16603.35' /> <set value='5159.69' /> <set value='590.00' /> <set value='14498.00' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Variable - Fuel' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='11394.51' /> <set value='4962.00' /> <set value='11899.34' /> <set value='17077.88' /> <set value='12805.10' /> <set value='4966.58' /> <set value='1919.93' /> <set value='10547.08' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Variable - Wages' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='9426.45' /> <set value='4216.18' /> <set value='6616.56' /> <set value='22401.36' /> <set value='11454.24' /> <set value='7143.20' /> <set value='1698.69' /> <set value='10684.37' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Fixed - Standard' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='7596.62' /> <set value='3120.48' /> <set value='6931.48' /> <set value='12676.79' /> <set value='8926.74' /> <set value='3188.05' /> <set value='2557.67' /> <set value='6844.12' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Fixed - Maintenance' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='676.12' /> <set value='257.48' /> <set value='380.96' /> <set value='1427.34' /> <set value='641.98' /> <set value='461.82' /> <set value='78.76' /> <set value='714.63' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Inter-depot' includeInLegend='0'> <set value='21160.37' /> <set value='4891.65' /> <set value='24437.24' /> <set value='45217.24' /> <set value='26373.20' /> <set value='5605.82' /> <set value='1727.65' /> <set value='22003.01' /> </dataset> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Margin'> <set value='22406.36' /> <set value='4248.02' /> <set value='22141.56' /> <set value='44567.30' /> <set value='24824.98' /> <set value='2335.91' /> <set value='453.56' /> <set value='20703.82' /> </dataset> So basically the 'Sales' dataset will be just a regular column, the 'Costs' would have subdatasets to split that column into the relevant Cost types, and the Margin would be a regular column. The issue with this is at the only Costs bar shows for each category - it is stacked correctly, but the Sales and Margin do not show at all. Any ideas? Here is the C# code I'm using to generate this (as you can see I'm using MSStackedColumn2D.swf) FusionCharts.RenderChart("FusionCharts/MSStackedColumn2D.swf", "", sbExpandedMargin.ToString(), "ExpandedDepotBreakdown", "800", "500",false, true, true);
  2. Black Box On Bottom Of Chart

    Hi, I have a long bar chart (with the values being on the x axis), and I'm having some issues with it. When the chart gets very tall (i.e. possibly over 2000 pixels in height or more), I get a black box at the bottom of my chart. Is there a way around this, or is it just that charts so tall are not supported? Note some things are blurred for privacy reasons
  3. 'margin' For A Specific Dataset?

    Thanks for the reply, That is the chart I'm using, but the only ways to increase margins for the bars are globally (i.e. for all the bars) - I just want to set it one of the dataset's, if that makes sense.
  4. 'margin' For A Specific Dataset?

    Thanks for your reply, I've attached a screenshot of one of the 'x' values on my chart. So because there are 6 datasets, every x value like the one attached will have 6 bars. I just want to visually seperate them a bit into 2 groups of 3.
  5. Hi, In my bar chart (based on C#/ASP.NET) I will be having 6 datasets (i.e. for each value on the x axis they'll be 6 bars). What I want to do is add a gap of a few pixels after the 3rd dataset, just to visually separate them into 2. Is this possible?