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  1. an absolute dataURL?

    Is it possible to have Fusioncharts load XML data from an absolute URL rather than a URL rooted at the same server? In other words, let's imagine that the page requested by the user is . With a fusionchart embedded on that page is it possible to have the swf pull the data from a different server with a param like flashVars="&dataURL=" ? Ben
  2. an absolute dataURL?

    Hi Pallav, Afraid you're wrong. Facebook caches the SWF file and loads it from their own servers. If I put a domain such as "/controller/XMLdata" in the dataURL param, the debug window tells me that the flash file is trying to load "" instead of "". I think I explained that all in my messages above. Ben
  3. an absolute dataURL?

    Okay, I've figured out how to use the debugMode and the following probably answers my question: "Different sub-domain of chart .swf and dataURL. Both need to be same owing to sandbox security." Here is my situation: I am running an application on Facebook. Facebook mediates all requests to my server through their pages. In other words, user requests go to Facebook, Facebook adds params and sends the request to me, I send the response back to Facebook, Facebook alters the response and presents it to the user. So what happens is that the FusionChart SWF file thinks that the domain of the SWF is So I can't tell it to load the XML data from somewhere like . I can tell it to load the XML data from somewhere like, but Facebook returns errors because it doesn't know what to do with the returned XML. Is there any way around this? Ben