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  1. Reading through the forum I notice people have lots of problems and suggestions. Most of these are answered with: "I am afraid, (some widgets chart type) does not support the feature you are looking for, at this time. We will try to implement this feature in our future upgrades." It has been over two years. When will you provide an update?
  2. Top Led Always Black On Vled

    After looking at the documentation I tried again. This time the xml is even simpler but I still have the same problem. <chart showShadow='0' showValue='1' baseFontSize='9' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='10' showTickMarks='1' ledSize='34' ledGap='1'> <colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='10' code='D5D581'/></colorRange> <value>4</value> </chart> Why is the top black and not a dark color led? Although my value is 4 it shows closer to 3?
  3. Top Led Always Black On Vled

    Here is a screenshot of the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Top Led Always Black On Vled

    When using a VLED The top LED is always black, and is especially noticably when setting a larger ledSize. Sample XML: <chart showAboutMenuItem='0' showShadow='0' showValue='0' baseFontSize='9' showBorder='0' borderThickness='0' lowerLimit='0' lowerLimitDisplay=' ' upperLimit='30' showGaugeBorder='0' gaugeBorderThickness='0' showTickMarks='1' majorTMNumber='30' minorTMNumber='0' ledSize='14' ledGap='1'> <colorRange><color minValue='0' code='D5D581'/></colorRange> <value>16</value> </chart> How can I get the top led to be the correct color?
  5. It it possible to show tooltips with a spark chart? I would at least like to show a value when hovering over each bar or anchor. Thanks for your help, Yoshimitsu