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  1. About Barchart

    yesss this is what I want to do thank you a lot
  2. About Barchart

    for example in my example image look at the first chart in that chart legend values at x-axis finish at 16%, but it is loaded that as it, it is at the hundred percent. at the second chart what I want to do; legend values at x-axis are correct and finish at 100% and the chart is loaded according to hundred percent value. I want to create my chart like the second one..
  3. About Barchart

    it means a reference value. For example, for my chart, it should be 100. Because I want to show my openedBox value according to 100%. As a mentioned before.. The percentage of <SET> element should be positioned according to 100%.
  4. About Barchart

    I've only FusionCharts Package.. So, I can not use FusionWidgets. is there any way to assign a reference percentage of the graph? inside of XML is below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <chart captionPadding="2" chartTopMargin="2" chartLeftMargin="2" chartBottomMargin="2" numberPrefix="%25" chartRightMargin="2" bgcolor="#EEEEEE" decimalPrecision="2" showNames="1"> <set name="AÇILAN SANDIK" value="12" color="000000" /> <styles> <definition> <style name="CaptionFont" type="font" face="Verdana" size="18" color="000000" bold="1" /> <style name="myDataLabelFont" type="font" font="Helvetica" size="15" bold="1" italic="0" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="Caption" styles="CaptionFont" /> <apply toObject="DataLabels" styles="myDataLabelFont" /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  5. About Barchart

    Hi All; I have a question about Bar chart. I'm using the barchart like a progressbar.. I have a variable named AcilanSandik. It shows the percentage of opened boxes in the elementary. I'm sending what is desired..
  6. Ssgrid Icon

    thank you..
  7. Ssgrid Icon

    and some other thing.. is there any way to colorize the background according to item value?
  8. Ssgrid Icon

    Thank you Angshu for your kind message and rapid answer
  9. Ssgrid Icon

    I sent what I want..
  10. Ssgrid Icon

    Is there any way to add icons instead of colorizing according to item? (in SSGrid)
  11. Error In Loading Data

    my function is written below protected string CreatePieChart(int il) { string ilinAdi = tr_ilAdGetir(il); string path = "" + ilinAdi + "Pie.xml"; string path2 = FusionCharts.EncodeDataURL(path,true); return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf",path2, "", ilinAdi+"Pie", "548", "305", false); } is there anything that I'm missing?
  12. Hi All; I have a problem with rendering the chart. When I work on localhost, there is no problem with the charts, it works fine. But after publishing the application to my IIS, my charts doesnt seem.. and gives a message titled "Error in loading data".. Before giving the error message, it says "retreiving data, please wait", it retreieves the data but does not show.. Please help..
  13. I have a pie chart. I want to change the slice colors. How can I do this? Thanks for your replies..