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  1. saving images

    Hi, Are you able to help? I am trying to save a chart and when I click on the "Save as Image" option on the chart, it runs through the sequence "Capturing Data" until it reaches 100% but then the browser goes on to display the "Image Saving" file (eg. FusionChartsSave.aspx) I set the URL to? I have tried different image saving files with no success. An example of what appears in the browser if I use FusionChartsSave.aspx... <%@ Page Inherits="FusionChartsSave" Src="FusionChartsSave.cs" Debug="true" validateRequest="false" %> There seems to be an error with the "validaterequest" field. I think Fusionchart is a great tool and would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. James