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  1. I have checked the list but there is no data in it. I can describe the problem more clearly now. The charts only work for one day, and the next day they become frozen, if I try to modify the chart I get the could not connect error. However if I ask our server administrator to open the page with the charts they become functional again and will continue to work for 1 day. I think this may be a rights issue of some kind, I am a SharePoint owner only on a subset of sites, however the administrator is an owner for all the sites on the server plus being a server admin. Are there any rights that should be set up for the charts to work correctly?
  2. No changes to the server that I am aware of.
  3. We have been experimenting with Fusion charts for SharePoint beta for a few weeks now, and are very happy with them, however recently we started experience the following error. Upon launching the wizard the connections area is black and when I try to connect to a list I get the error "Could Not Get data for Chart" The error seems to be intermittent, so it usually lets us create charts, and modify them all day, but the next day when we go in the error appears, but the charts work ok, we just cannot modify them. We downloaded the latest installation file yesterday and it appeared to fix the problem, however today we get the same error. I have checked the log file and it is blank.