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  1. So I decided to see what the differences were between the UpdatePanel sample found in Code/CS/UpdatePanel and what I have in my application so that I could debug the problem. It turns out that it doesn't seem to work even in the sample application that I downloaded from FusionCharts. I get the same exact problem: the chart displays fine at first but when you click on one of the radiobuttonlists on Sample1.aspx (Factory 2, for instance), the chart disappears. Does anyone have any reason to think that 3.2.1 works with an UpdatePanel and PostBack? If it doesn't, then I need to roll back to the previous version since we use the chart almost exclusively in UpdatePanels. Please advise. Thanks, Brad
  2. Several Strange Bugs

    We just upgraded from v3.x to v3.2.1 today, following the steps outlined in the upgrade32.html document, and, while most things seem fine, there are a couple of problems. When the page first loads with the chart (after I clear the cache), everything is fine. The chart displays perfectly and I can drill down on one of the nodes in the chart. All seems fine on the first request. But when I request the same page again or even some other page that has the chart embeded, all of the spaces in the text of the legend are replaced with plus signs "+". So this is disconcerting in and of itself but also when I click again on the same node that worked before, I get a javascript error and the page doesn't post back. This seems to continue on. So the only time it works correctly is the first time the page loads after I clear my cache. Each subsequent page request fails, even when I close my browser and request it again. So, again, the legend text might go from "John's Sales for May" to "John's+Sales+for+May" on the second and all subsequent page requests and the chart stops working. Note: The problem doesn't seem to be related to the plus signs. I can eliminate them but they don't show up on the first request. Any ideas? Thanks, Brad
  3. Updatepanel On Postback

    Thanks for your help Sudipto. I did not know that Default.aspx was the same as Sample1.aspx because I thought that the file names were the same due to the fact that the others were the same. It appears that this has fixed our issue and I do appreicate it. We do now have another javascript issue related to the introduction of JScript.js but I think we can fix that ourselves. Thanks again, Brad
  4. Updatepanel On Postback

    Hi Sudipto, This download does not contain Sample1.aspx, which is the scenario that I'm trying to implement. Nevertheless, I added Sample1 to this new project from the other download. At first, I got the same problem but when I added the JsScript.js in the scripts block of the ScriptManager AND exclusively use RenderChart rather than RenderChart on the first page load and RenderChartHTML on postbacks, it works, but it does not work when I use RenderChart on the first page load and RenderChartHtml on postbacks. Is this by design? Are we supposed to still use RenderChartHtml on postbacks? If so, then there still seems to be a problem but if it is designed to only use RenderChart, then it seems ok but I don't want to use it incorrectly. "Sample2" only uses RenderChart. Please advise. Thanks, Brad
  5. Updatepanel On Postback

    Thanks Sudipto, I'll give this a try and get back with you. Brad
  6. Several Strange Bugs

    Hi Sudipto, I have been able to fix my javascript problem but I have not been able to fix the postback problem in an updatepanel. I installed the UpdatePanel sample which came with my download and it too does not seem to work, at least not with my configuration. Could you help? Brad
  7. Updatepanel On Postback

    Could someone at FusionCharts please respond? Is someone looking into this problem? Is it a known defect? Should I expect a response? Brad
  8. Updatepanel On Postback

    Are there any updates on this? I need to make a decision as to whether to roll back my updates to 3.2.1. Are you able to get the PostBacks in UpdatePanels working in your lab? If so, what is your configuration? What version of the AjaxControlToolkit are you using? Thanks, Brad
  9. Hello, We have a problem where our charts (v3.2.1) are disappearing on a postback when they're in a .NET UpdatePanel. So, we have our chart on a page as well as several dropdownlists which enable users to change the size of the chart, the format of chart, etc. Prior to our upgrade to 3.2.1, when a user changed their selection, there is a postback to the server and their requested formatting changes take effect. Now, after the upgrade, and without making any changes to this code, the chart disappears on the postback. I noticed a couple of other unresolved posts about this. Do you have any ideas as to what I can do here? Thanks, Brad
  10. Charts Disappear In Updatepanel

    Sudipto, Yes, we are using renderChartHTML on postback. It is also noteworthy again that this worked prior to our upgrade to 3.2.1. So there has been no code change other than those specified in the upgrade document and a change to the link creation. Thanks, Brad
  11. Several Strange Bugs

    I have been able to fix the issues that I encountered. The way in which links are created has apparently changed. Am I wrong that the way in which one must generate a link has changed? In the past, the above code worked, whereas now we have to call an intermediate javascript function which splits the delimited string into parameters. Is this correct? Thanks, Brad
  12. Several Strange Bugs

    Thanks for your help guys. I have eliminated the URL encoding and that seems to have fixed the problem with the plus signs. Now the only remaining problem is that when I click on a node, I get a javascript error. I end up with the following value for the link (see below) This used to do a postback and we redirect the user to another page. When I hover over a node, the proper description displays but when I click I get a javascrpt error. Does the link need to change as a result of the new jQuery file? I'm sorry, but I cannot provide a link. <set value='0' link='j-__doPostBack(%26apos;ctl00$mainContent$CG1%26apos;,%26apos;ctl00_mainContent_CG1_Data$0:12A:0%26apos;)' /> Thanks, Brad