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  1. Hello Again: In 2008 you said you were planning to make annotations draggable in the next version. However we are using the latest version and do not see the feature. Has this feature been implemented? If so, what XML attribute do we use? If not, do you still plan to implement it soon? Thanks
  2. Hello: Here is one of your sample Gantt charts that I added fontColor attributes to. It has the same behavior - the font is always black no matter what color is set using the attributes. test.xml
  3. OK - Here are images: The number 1 image shows what it looks like now. The number 2 image shows how we would like to see it. Thanks, Ray
  4. Hi: When I set the fontColor attribute on either the [tasks] element or on individual [task] elements, the label text never changes but always remains black. I've successfully used colors on several other elements, so I think this may be a bug. The results are the same on both Firefox and IE browsers.
  5. Hello: We use annotations a lot and would really appreciate if you could make annotations draggable, just like you've already done for legends. I already sent in this request via email (before finding this forum), so please excuse the duplication. Also, we use Gantt charts a lot, but cannot use the task labels because they appear up above the task bar being labeled (usually conflicting with a parallel task bar). We need to position the label text in the middle of the task bar instead of above it. I checked the XML attributes and styles but could not find a way to do this. Please add this to your list of requested enhancements, or let me know if there is already a way to do this. Thanks and keep up the good work.