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  1. Hi , I have used to option to choose Ice and Midnight theme with Fusion chart version 2.x . when i select Ice it just refresh th chart with some bgcolor etc parameter whic required for Ice theme as per our requirement. It works fine for Mid night theme also. I have no issue while i am using Fusion chart fc2.x . But I replace the same with FC3.x. When I try to change the theme mid -to ice to ice to mid night . It just blank the chart area. I have update all the parameters like showLabels, showNames as per FC3.x. etc and graph by chart . But it just make blank chart area. Is there any specific change in the FC3.x chart as comapre to FC2.x charts. Please ensure me if any major change that's why this may not be working. Regards Dharmendra
  2. Hi, I have to save the chart as image automatically at the server side at a specified location. I have done the same as mentioned in the new version of fusion chart say 3.0.6 for saving the chart as image using the javascript. This is required the manual intervention to save the image of chart. I would like to do this automatically. Is anybody having idea related to this. Please share with me. Could this be possible at the time of rendering the chart? Thanks in advance.
  3. Javascript error for 'save as image'

    Hi Sudipto, You are right .Actually i looked into the version of swf files it was of version 3.0.3 .I copied the latest swf files .It is working fine now. I have one question. I would like to know the link where all methods are given like FC_render etc.Can you please provide me. Thanks a lot.
  4. Javascript error for 'save as image'

    Hi Sudipto, I have Adobe flash version 9.I am running the same on server. Even though it is not working . Can you please tell me saveAsImage function should be present in FusionCharts.js or not. If yes ,then it is not available in evaluation version. I am also attached the code.Please look into this . function saveChart(){ //Get chart from its ID var chartToPrint = getChartFromId("chart1Id"); chartToPrint.saveAsImage(); } and var chart1 = new FusionCharts("../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "chart1Id", "400", "300", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataXML(""); chart1.render("chart1div"); and the data.xml is chart imageSave='1' imageSaveURL='http://localhost:8080/jsp-examples/FusionCharts/MyFirstChart/ImageSaving/FusionChartsSave.jsp'> Everything is in the path.Please look into this. Thanks
  5. JavaScript Hook for 'Save as Image'

    Hi , I did it the same as mentioned in the link( as you provided ) .I throws the javascript error for saveAsImage function .I also set JS variable. I copy the same as mentioned in documentation along with the required changes.I am using evaluation version .This version provides such facility or not .Can you please confirm me. Is there any work around? Thanks
  6. Javascript error for 'save as image'

    Hi , Actually, i am using the evaluation version of v3 which is presently available at your site . And I also used the same information as you provided the link for saveAsImage function . I copy the whole example as it is mentioned in the link. It fails at the line chartToPrint.saveAsImage();and gives the error 'chartToPrint.saveAsImage() is not a function' in error console.So, I just want to confirm that this facility (save as image ) is available in evaluation version or not. If not ,then how can i achieve this facility.Please provide me exact solution. Thanks
  7. JavaScript Hook for 'Save as Image'

    Hi , I want to save the charts as image and then move it into the pdf file using javascript. I downloaded v3 evaluation version .I try to do it the same . But I find an error in FusionCharts.js . When i try save the chart it hows an error "chartToPrint.saveAsImage() does not support method". So Could you please provide the details or any source code?
  8. Javascript error for 'save as image'

    Hi, Can you please provide the me the code of saveAsImage() function of FusionCharts.js which is updated in v3.0.6? I will be very thankful to you. Thanks
  9. Export multiple charts

    I just want to ensure that do you have chartToPrint.saveAsImage() function in your FusionCharts.js. If yes, Can you please send only that FusionCharts.js at [email protected] Or If can send me the code of only chartToPrint.saveAsImage() function .It would be very very beneficial to me. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am tring to to save the chart as an image .I also included the FusionCharts.js properly. even though it is throwing javascript error like chartToPrint.saveAsImage() function is not defined. I am using fusion chart 2.0.5 version.I searched saveAsImage() function in FusionCharts.js .It was not present there. Anyone can provide me the FusionCharts.js which includes saveAsImage () function Or any other solution . Thanks in advance