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  1. Pie2D - Won't Show Legend

    Not using the free version of fusion charts... but can't get the legend to show on a Pie chart. Tried everything I can think of... here's the XML I'm using: <chart caption="" palette="0" paletteColors="DA3608,FBAB35,015887,78AE1C" animation="1" showToolTip="1" showValues="0" use3DLighting="1" showLegend="1" showlabels="1" enablesmartlabels="1" showpercentvalues="0" manageLabelOverflow="1"> <styles><definition><style angle="0" type="Bevel" name="myBevel"/><style angle="45" distance="5" type="Shadow" name="myShadow"/></definition><application><apply styles="myBevel,myShadow" toObject="Canvas"/></application></styles> <set label="Triage Time" value="269106.75"/> <set label="Tier 2 Time" value="112278.0"/> <set label="Development Time" value="178755.203125"/> <set label="Customer Time" value="426405.0"/> <styles><definition><style color="666666" size="15" name="CaptionFont" type="font"/><style bold="0" name="SubCaptionFont" type="font"/></definition><application><apply styles="CaptionFont" toObject="caption"/><apply styles="SubCaptionFont" toObject="SubCaption"/></application></styles> </chart> I'm really stuck here... as you can see, I have the showLegend="1" in my code. Just can't get this working... Charlie
  2. Setting Min Value For Yaxismaxvalue

    This might be confusing, but here is what I am trying to accomplish. Sample data: <set label='Charlie' value='1'/> <set label='Jeff' value='2' /> <set label='Bill' value='0' /> <set label='Mary' value='0' /> With these numbers, I would get a bar chart showing 0 - 2 (maybe 3) for my yAxis. I would like to set a minimum of 5 for the yAxisMaximum value, so that the chart would always show at least 0 - 5 for the yAxis. Is there a parameter I am missing to accomplish this? Thanks! Charlie