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  1. Hello, I am having an issue with the Cylinder Guage toolText on an annotation. The tooltext shows up without the default box border and background color unlike with the other widgets. Below is the xml. Thank you. <chart baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='9' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='100' numberSuffix='%25' cylFillColor='427014' showBorder='0' showTickValues='0' showValue='0' showShadow='0' chartTopMargin='25' chartBottomMargin='48' chartRightMargin='35' chartLeftMargin='15' captionPadding='0' majorTMColor='666666' majorTMAlpha='100' majorTMHeight='7' majorTMThickness='2' minorTMColor='666666' minorTMAlpha='100' minorTMHeight='5' minorTMThickness='1' tickMarkDistance='2' bgColor='FFFFFF' bgAlpha='0'> <value>85</value> <annotations> <annotationGroup id='Title' showBelow='0'> <annotation type='text' font='Verdana' xPos='54' yPos='170' align='center' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='11' isBold='1' label=' % High Value Products Output' /> <annotation type='text' font='Verdana' xPos='98' yPos='35' align='left' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='9' isBold='0' label='100%' /> <annotation type='text' font='Verdana' xPos='98' yPos='133' align='left' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='9' isBold='0' label='0%' /> <annotation type='text' font='Verdana' xPos='58' yPos='121' align='center' fontcolor='dddddd' fontSize='11' isBold='1' label='85%' /> </annotationGroup> <annotationGroup id='Target' toolText='Budget 83%' showBelow='0'> <annotation type='polygon' sides='3' color='F1f1f1' x='89' y='65' radius='5' borderColor='336600' borderThickness='1' startAngle='180' /> <annotation type='line' x='17' y='65' toX='89' toY='65' color='336600' dashed='1' alpha='80' /> </annotationGroup> </annotations> </chart>