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  1. Hi, On applying borders to the angular Guage, borders also appear between the color ranges. Is there a way to get rid of the inter- colorRange borders. What attributue can be used here? Please see the attached image that shows the borders. Thanks! Gauge-borders.bmp
  2. Showlimits Attribute In Angular Gauge

    Hi, Thanks but actually i need to show the major tick marks. I need to divide the range into ten and display the ticks for them . For the First and the last tick mark though i need to display the value + the tick mark. For the intermediate i need only the ticks. I thought the showLimits attribute was to be used in a situation like this. Thanks.
  3. Hi, The showLimits attribute is not working. I need to display only the first and the last tick value. I have given the following specification for the other attributes: upperLimit="100.0" lowerLimit="0.0" gaugeOuterRadius="115.0" majorTMNumber="10.0" minorTMNumber="0.0" bgColor="#ffffff" showValue="0" showTickValues="0" showLimits="1" Could you please help me why the showLimits attribute doesn't seem to be working? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I want to give a gradient fill to an Angular Gauge. I know about the attributes gaugeFillMix and gaugeFillRatio, but these fill the gradient from the inner radius outwards to the outer radius. But what i need is to fill it gradually from and inital start angle to the end angle. I have attached an image of what i require. Help Please! gauge - gradient fill.bmp
  5. Hi, Is there a way to auto-generate the x-axis labels on the Scatter Chart according to the x-axis values that are plotted. Ex. If the chart auto generates Y-axis based on the values plotted. But for X-axis it does not. Do we explicilty have to give then in the category labels?