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  1. Hi, I'm trying to write code which exports a chart to a file. It works with parent chart but doesn't work according to the child chart (I have links in XML file to "go deeper" into the chart details). function testPrint(chartName) { var chart = getChartFromId(chartName); if (chart.hasRendered() != true) { alert("Please wait for the chart to finish rendering, before you can invoke exporting"); return; } // call exporting function chart.exportChart( {exportFormat: "PNG"} ); } Being on the deeper level using this code causes 'Unspecified error'. Please, help.
  2. Hi, I haven't found anything about final release of FusionCharts for Sharepoint, so I'd like to ask when (or if) are you going to prepare the official release of FC4SP? Yours, Paul