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  1. Html5 Rendering Watermark?

    Hi, I just had a request to redo one of my reports with the graphs rendering as HTML5 (to show up on an iPad). I've noticed when it draws them as HTML5 the lower right corner of the graph ends up with a "FusionCharts" watermark on it. I cannot for the life of me figure out where this came from or how to turn it off. Any ideas? Thanks! -Chris
  2. Php Class Missing Pareto Chart

    Thanks, I did as you suggested, replacing the php class file with the one from the evaluation, had to also replace a javascript file, but after that it seems to work like normal! Thanks again! -Chris
  3. Php Class Missing Pareto Chart

    The version we have is: FusionCharts v3.2.1 The code I am using to create the class object is almost exactly as you gave: $FC = new FusionCharts("Pareto3D","250","250","","true"); But I still receive the following notice in PHP and the chart is not displayed: Notice: Undefined index: pareto3d in /var/www/chartsrc/v3/Code/PHPClass/Class/FusionCharts_Gen.php on line 1369
  4. Hi There, I've just tried to create a pareto2D chart using the FusionCharts PHP Class received when we purchased the package, and have found that it does not know what the Pareto2D chart is: Notice: Undefined index: pareto2d in /var/www/chartsrc/v3/Code/PHPClass/Class/FusionCharts_Gen.php on line 1369 Can we get a copy of the PHP Class files that contain this chart? Thanks.
  5. Php Class With Power Charts?

    Thanks for the response. How can I get the PHP class to work with the charts from PowerCharts? When I tried to just switch the type over the PHP class did not know what "Spline" was and I can't find any example of a power chart being generated using the PHP class to reference.
  6. Is it possible to use charts from the Power Charts package with the PHP Class of Fusion Charts v3? (The chart I'm specifically after is the spline chart to replace my hard edged line graphs) Thanks! -Chris
  7. Sub Caption Text

    If it helps, this is actually the string that gets sent in to become the subcaption and the xaxisname text: Subcaption: <u>Date: 06-28-2011</u> XAxisName: <u>Sales Area:</u> National <u>Regions:</u> All Regions <br><u>District:</u> All Districts <br><u>Buyer Segments:</u> All <u>NPS Category:</u> All Categories <br><u>Store Group:</u> All Stores<hr/> The HTML formatting tags worked in the free version.
  8. Sub Caption Text

    I'm actually using the PHP Class functions to build and render the chart, so it goes straight out to the swf with $FC->renderChart(); The resulting page ends up with this: <!-- START Script Block for Chart StackedColumn2D3 --> <div id="StackedColumn2D3Div"> Chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript" > var chart_StackedColumn2D3 = new FusionCharts("../chartsrc/v3/Charts/StackedColumn2D.swf", "StackedColumn2D3", "1000", "380", "0", "0", "","noScale","EN"); chart_StackedColumn2D3.setTransparent("true"); //Provide entire XML data using dataXML method chart_StackedColumn2D3.setDataXML("<chart bgAlpha='0' caption='Net Promoter %26 Overall Store Experience - Cumulative Score' showLedgend='1' shownames='1' decimalprecision='0' showPercentageValues='1' showPercentageInLabel='0' animation='1' showValues='1' showBarShadow='1' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize='11' manageLabelOverflow='1' useEllipsesWhenOverflow='1' showDivLineValue='1' showLimits='1' placeValuesInside='0' subCaption='%26lt;u%26gt;Date: 06-28-2011%26lt;/u%26gt;' chartTopMargin='0' chartBottomMargin='0' xaxisname='%26lt;u%26gt;Sales Area:%26lt;/u%26gt; National %26lt;u%26gt;Regions:%26lt;/u%26gt; All Regions %26lt;BR%26gt;%26lt;u%26gt;District:%26lt;/u%26gt; All Districts %26lt;BR%26gt;%26lt;u%26gt;Buyer Segments:%26lt;/u%26gt; All %26lt;u%26gt;NPS Category:%26lt;/u%26gt; All Categories %26lt;BR%26gt;%26lt;u%26gt;Store Group:%26lt;/u%26gt; All Stores' useRoundEdges='1' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='fcExporter1' exportFileName='SelectComfort' rotateNames='0' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' ><categories ><category label=' 2010 Quarter 4 ' /><category label=' 2011 Quarter 1 ' /><category label=' 2011 Quarter 2 ' /></categories><dataset ><set value='92' /><set value='93' /><set value='93' /></dataset></chart>"); chart_StackedColumn2D3.render("StackedColumn2D3Div"); </script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart StackedColumn2D3 --> But I can assure you that when I establish the chart parameters in PHP the %26 and other wacky characters were not in there. Again this was not a problem with the free version of the charts.
  9. Sub Caption Text

    Hello, We just upgraded to the v3 version of FusionCharts and installed it on our webserver that was previously hosting charts made with the FusionCharts Free package. I went to update one of the charts to display using the new v3 package files and I have found that the text I have established as being the subCaption and xaxisname for the chart is now displaying incorrectly. Instead of seeing certain characters I see number % combinations, such as " %26lt; " ? Am I missing a setting that can turn this back to how it used to look under the free version? I've attached an export of the graph showing what I am running into now. Any suggestions appreciated. -Chris