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  1. I read the documention about time scaling and it works fine. But the problem is that I want a tile to display 2min 30sec instead of 2,5 minutes. Can this be done?
  2. saving images

    i have the same problem as yumi001 But then I changed the file from .aspx to .jsp. Now I can save the image, but it looks like crap. For example the Xaxisname isn't displayed. How do u solve this?
  3. My webapp with fusioncharts works well in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. The problem isn't that I can't get the XML data (the Pragma and Chach-Control header, when you get a "Error in loading data") because I can load a Excel file with html data. I get a Movie not loaded error instead, like if that IE can't load the swf file. I tested the application on another computer with https on IE and that doesn't work, but it do work on regular http in IE.