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    Dear FusionCharts Team. Hello. I have just starter developing on FusionChart and I have a question. I have some Temperature Historics Data stored on a DataBase. Historics Data could be for example: Date/Time, Value (Celsius deg.) 31/05/2011 10:50:25, 5.41 31/05/2011 10:52:43, 5.87 31/05/2011 10:55:07, 5.23 31/05/2011 11:17:22, 5.88 31/05/2011 11:23:49, 6.35 31/05/2011 11:28:38, 5.86 31/05/2011 15:12:06, 6.26 As you can see there is no any constant time interval for the data, no time period. Actually the temperature monitoring device stores data only when a significant variation of the temperature has been occurred otherwise no data is stored meaning that the temperature has been remained constant or with no significant variation. The accuracy/resolution/quality of the graph will depend of the significant variation configuration set on the device which will make it determine if a significant variation of the temperature has occurred and therefore store a (Date/Time, Value) data point. My question is: Is it possible to plot (Date/Time, Value) data points that have no constant time interval in a Graph/Chart?. I have been checking some examples, but all I have found are examples with a defined time interval for all XML data (data every second or every hour, etc.). The most nearly useful chart I have discovered and I think can help me to do what I need to do is the Scatter.swf chart where you can put points at any place of the graph.But I haven't fount a way to make the X-axis a time-axis. If such thing is possible I will really appreciate any help or advice to solve my problem. I have another problem to solve. The Temperature Data stored on the DataBase and the FusonCharts web page that I am developing will be living on the same server, I think there would not be any problem if using JSON request for retrieving all the Temperature Historics data and draw it. Here comes the real problem. After loading the web page and the Historics Temperature Data from the server, I need to retrieve the Real Time Live monitoring data from the temperature monitoring device that is a small electronic device capable of responding any HTTP get request (CGI based). As you can see there will be necessary cross domain Ajax requests to retrieve the live monitoring data. I already have the JSONP cross domain libraries (using Mootools JSONP) to retrieve the real time live monitoring data. If there is no other way to retrieve the cross domain live monitoring data but using the JSONP Mootools libraries that I have, My question is: After retrieving the cross domain data, How can I update the graph with a new (Date/Time, Value) point? Thank for your attention and my best regards.