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  1. Yes, we do know that we are updating the chart, however the call to setDataURL does not wait for the update to complete before returning control to the calling JavaScript. I don't think it would be a good idea for setDataURL to hold on to control because this would cause everything else to be on hold, so I figured there would be another callback function just like FC_Rendered. I'm not versed in Flash coding, nor even sure if I have the tools to modify (compile?) the code. In any case, perhaps your modification suggestion might help others who see this post, so please offer up your suggestion. Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to tell an Instrument to re-retrieve it's data from the URL it used to initially load from? I know you can do this in FusionCharts v3, but I have not been able to do this in the Instrumentation Suite. If not... is this feature being worked on, or in beta?
  3. SSGrid and links?

    Is there any way to tell the SSGrid chart to respond to the link attributes in the XML data? I'd like it to drill down into the data just like a chart that used that same XML data.
  4. Can we hope for some sort of alternate JavaScript hook, perhaps FC_Updated? When it takes a few moments for the data to generate and then get sent back into the FusionChart, I would like to give our users a bit of feedback so that they are not rapidly clicking the (custom) refresh button thinking that their requests were not performed.
  5. FusionCharts calls the FC_Rendered function after initially rendering a chart on the page, however is there an equivalent to the FC_Rendered function that gets called after a subsequent setDataURL call? I want to trigger a chart update (after the initial load) from a UI element and I want another part of my page to be updated once the chart has been updated.