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  1. Installation Problems

    Installed the latest beta version v 0.9.9. When I try to add Collabion charts for SharePoint webpart, I get this error: - Collabion Charts for SharePoint: The given key was not present in the dictionary. Note: I installed this version on the same server, where beta version v. 0.9.8 was. When I uninstall 0.9.9 and reinstall 0.9.8, it's working, only in 0.9.8 version I cannot group data. Maybe you've got any idea?
  2. Sql Stored Procedure Issue

    Hi, Rahul, thanks for a quick answer. Just hoping it will be available in some future release
  3. Hello, I'm using Microsoft SQL Server Database as a provider. I want to get results from SQL server stored procedure, so I try to use "Custom SQL query" option and write like this: EXECUTE [dbo].[NameOfProcedure] When I press "View Data in Grid", it runs without errors, but returns no results. Maybe I am writing something in wrong syntax? Because when I run this procedure in SSMS, I get results.
  4. Installation Problems

    Hi, I'm having the same problem on my environment (WSS 3.0 on Windows Server 2008). Downloaded Fusion Charts for SharePoint today (Jun 2, 2011), deployed successfully and keep getting errors after adding webparts and starting wizard: * Could get not data for chart And sometimes I can see provider list, but then I end with: * Could not save chart settings