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  1. Hi there, So, here is my situation: The company I work for are prepared to buy FusionCharts, but we wanted to try it out first and see how it goes. So, I created a sample application running the FusionCharts Evaluation version (v3.2.1). I also have included jquery.js (v1.2.6), the bxSlider jQuery Plugin (jquery.bxSlider.js, v3.0), and Easing jQuery Plugin (jquery.easing.1.3.js). The reason I need jquery.js is because it is required by the bxSlider and Easing plugins (see here: So, here is the issue: FusionCharts works perfectly when it renders charts in Flash. However, when I access my application from a mobile device (i.e. iPhone) the charts do not render. What I believe happens is that when FusionCharts tries to include jquery.min.js (as it does when rendering the charts in JavaScript, for mobile devices) a conflict occurs between it and jquery.js. I say this because as soon as I remove jquery.js, the charts render just fine. I am yet to find a solution that lets me include jquery.js in application alongside FusionCharts. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. PS: Here is my sample application in case it is needed for debugging purposes: http://alinmateescu....est/layout/tpl/ PPS: Great charting library, btw. I just need to resolve this one issue and we're all set.