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  1. Standard License Issue

    Hi, Can you please mail your query to [email protected] as we need to see this issue over an online meeting.
  2. Hi, We tested it, but we found it working fine. Is it possible to send us the excel file that you are using? If yes, please send it to [email protected] with reference to this forum post.
  3. Hi, Could you please let us know which version of Collabion Charts you are using?
  4. Problem on DrillDown based on Text

    Hi David, Thank you for writing to us. In the parent chart, the data is grouped by dates and plots the count of Departments. In the first drill-down level, the grouping is done by Department name. Thus in this chart, the X-Axis has the names of Departments while the Y Axis(like the parent chart) tries to plot the count of Department for each Department- hence, this is not a valid scenario for plotting a chart, resulting in a blank chart. In such a case, you can follow the below steps to approach the problem differently: 1. First group your chart by date(month) but in the aggregate field, select count of "Trend". 2. Then, in the first drill-down level, select "Department" as before. 3. So now you have: Chart 1: Count of Trends per month Chart 2: Count of Trends per Department Hope we were able to address your issue. Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance on this or anything else.
  5. Y-Axis maximum value not working

    Hi, Yes, unfortunately, it works in the same way as you said. Y axis scale auto adjust itself if plot value exceed to the set Y-Max value.
  6. Thanks Jason for update on this and glad to know the issue is resolved.
  7. Help with Grouping

    Hi, Can you please let us know which version of Collabion Charts you are using? If you are not using the most recent one, I request you to please download and install the latest version from our web site and check if you are still getting this issue?
  8. Calculated Date and grouping

    Hi Blake, Thanks for the screenshots, we got the issue but to re-produce we'll have to check it on same SP List. So can you please send us the SharePoint List template exported with content so that we can re-produce the issue and fix it? Please email us the STP file to [email protected] and reference this forum post.
  9. Hi, Windows Authentication works in very limited way because Collabion Charts runs inside SharePoint Server and it send request to sql server through ASP.NET so current logged user's credential changes to ASP.NET user (IUSER) hence it can not connect with Windows Authentication.
  10. Hi, To get a connected line, you would need to use "connectNullData=1" in Other Settings > Custom Attribute section. Please refer to the attached screenshot to know how to apply this setting. You'll have to type in "connectNullData" and "1" in the respective options.
  11. Hi, To get a connected line, you would need to use "connectNullData=1" in Other Settings > Custom Attribute section. Please refer to the attached screenshot to know how to apply this setting. You'll have to type in "connectNullData" and "1" in the respective options.
  12. Noob questions...

    Hi Jeremy, The product you are trying is Collabion Charts with is designed only to work under SharePoint Environment. So FusionCharts and Collabion Charts is a very different products all together. Regarding you query, your chart configuration is Ok, its just the chart type that is wrong for the data that you have. You are using single series chart that's the reason you are not able to see any other series except "Banana". So please go to "Chart Type" > Click on "Chart Category" combo box and select "Multi Series" then click on Column 3D chart thumbnail below and click on Apply. That will replace existing single series chart with multiseries chart with will show all of the series not just one. Regarding the date, you are using quite an old version of the product, so I request you to upgrade it and check the data formatting again. Hopefully you will not get any issue with it. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Fawad, Hope you have received the response from our support.
  14. Chart using multivalue lookup field

    Hi Samuel, I am afraid, Collabion Charts do not support grouping of multivalue field as of now, it treat them as a single string hence you are getting those results.
  15. Oracle connection

    Hi, I don't know how to work with Oracle instant client as there are no any installable etc. But with normal client you can configure it easily. You can download the client from: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/database12c-win64-download-2297732.html and download Oracle Database Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64) or Oracle Database Client ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) depending on your server bitness. Then run the Setup and choose Custom then select the options shown in the attached image. Once installation is done, restart the server and try to connect to your Oracle DB. Hope this will solve the issue.
  16. Drill down on IE11 with Flash

    Hi, Could you please mail us the data that you are using to configure the chart with drill down so that we can check it at our end? Please email it to [email protected] with referencing to this forum post.
  17. Drill down on IE11 with Flash

    Also, could you please disable Flash Player in IE11 and refresh the page then check the drill down again?
  18. Drill down on IE11 with Flash

    Thanks, could you please also let us know if the issue is occurring only all the chart those are configured for drill down or just this chart?
  19. Oracle connection

    Hi, Have you tried after restarting the server?
  20. Drill down on IE11 with Flash

    Hi, We haven't notice this issue yet. Could you please press F12 and click on the chart again and check if it is logging any error on the console window? Also is it working fine on other browsers?
  21. Date field not equal today

    Also, there is a filter option 'Is Previous' which excludes current date/day/year/month etc. So could you please try with this filter and check if this solves your requirement or not?
  22. Date field not equal today

    Hi, I am sorry, it is not possible to filter value not being current date as of now. However, we have added this request and will be available in next release.
  23. Hi, Could you please send us an email to [email protected] having the screenshot of the issue (chart) and as well as the data and the screenshot of grouping step in the Collabion Wizard so that we can investigate the issue.
  24. Hi KOR, We have added the support for "Stacked Colum 2D + Line Dual Y-Axis", please download the latest version and check.